Your Job is to Shine Bright 

What the world needs now,
is more love and light –

Your job, Dear One,
is to shine bright!

Focus on your passions,
being creative, and
creating a happy life for you.

Fill yourself with

and then do what excites you!

Follow your interests passionately.
Focus on the positive things.
Feel good all the time.

Only give your attention to
the things, people, activities
and outside events that please you.

Be super selective to what
you give your powerful energy to –

You are literally creating your own
reality by your perception of it.

Think good.
Feel good.
Live good.

You are capable of allowing
light and love in your heart space.

You are an instrument for joy.

You are designed to love it all.

You have the free will to choose
To be happy, to be kind,
and to have so much fun!

So do it!!

What The World Needs Now
is your example
to know
it is possible

d.i.y.friday ~ How to Knit a Simple Turtleneck Sweater Vest

This week on my instagram page,
I unleashed the show ‘n tell pics
of the knitted sweater vests
I made for the little bears!

Yes. They were completely thrilled
to receive these handmade lovlies.

And now you can make your family
as HAPPY as I made mine!!

First thing first,
You need to know how to knit.

Here’s a great tutorial
to get you started!!

Wow! She really makes it simple huh?

Great! So now you know how to knit!! Cool!!

Now I am going to send you away for the pattern
because it is not my own but –

it’s so easy.

For all three sections
(front, back and neck)
You just cast on 47 stitches
and then knit to the length that suits you.

When you’ve got your 3 sections finished,
Sew them together with your yarn.
Great tutorials how to do that
over at Wool and the Gang!!

I used Hometown Bulky yarn
Size 10 needles

To make this vest smaller,
You can cast on less for smaller sized front & backs
but still keep the neck at 47 stitches
So you can get it over their heads.

Learned this the hard way!!!

Click the picture below for the pattern:

Although, lol, maybe I should mention
it’s not in English!

Don’t let that stop you!!

Just copy and paste
Translate Tool


Happy Knitting!!!

Much love,  Sadie


You Can Raise Your Vibration

You have the power
to raise your vibration!!

You have the ability
to think good thoughts. 

You have the free will to make
choices that will benefit this world. 

You have the power
to choose how you want
to feel in every moment. 

You have talents and gifts
you can share with others. 

You can control
your energy,
your thoughts,
your reactions,
your words, and,
your decisions.

You have the power
to raise your vibration
to feel good
to love yourself
to love humanity
to love Gaia Earth.

Now is the time to heal yourself. 
Now is the time to heal the planet. 
Now is the time to help heal others.
Now is the time to raise your vibration.

You have the power to choose. 

You have the power to uplift. 

You have the power
to elevate your mindset. 

Allow yourself to be lifted
into energy that feels good!! 

You have the power
to raise your vibration!!

Therapeutic Touch Tuesdays

A few years ago,
it was a family tradition
to do Monday Night Massages. 

Well, it turns out that Mondays
can be kind of chaotic –
so that good idea 
sort of fell by the wayside. 

My intentions have reemerged
again in 2017 and we’ve now bumped
it up a day and relabeled it: 

Therapeutic Touch Tuesday

That way, it can encompass
all types of massage,
reflexology, shiatsu,
pressure points with acupressure,
healing stone work, reiki,
bodywork, and even,
good old fashion foot rubs. 

And that gives me an idea,
if we should forget all about
Therapeutic Touch Tuesday…
We will just follow up with a makeup day –
Foot Rub Friday!! 

Doesn’t that sound nice?

Make some new family traditions
for yourself and loved ones
this new year! 

Take care of each other!! 

Ps. Massage table from JCPenney lol 

Resolve to Slow Down in the New Year


A little new years doodle really needs to take place.

It’s one thing to talk of slowing down,
focusing and taking time to feel creative –
and another, to INTEND it to happen.

Seriously, every day – insist it MUST happen in your life!

Find something that zones you into zen &
chills out your brain for a bit –

Find something to focus intently on,
while slowing & regulating your breathing.

Some ideas:

drawing, doodling, painting,
knitting, kneading bread,
taking pictures of the world around you,
yoga, meditating,
listening to music lying down with eyes closed,
soaking in a hot bath, stretching,
staring into space blankly while drooling –
whatever works for you!

Just find ways to be peaceful & still… every day.

Make it top priority to connect with the peace inside of you.

Wishing you lots of Love – Bliss –
and the Freedom to just BE in the New Year!!

Love you lots ~ Sadie