10 Ways To Eat More Fruits & Veggies

 Here are 10 easy tips to help you get into the bunny mindset and get your munch on.

1. Start your day with fresh squeezed orange juice.

2. Cut up a banana in your breakfast cereal.

3. Snack on carrot & celery sticks all day.

4. Eat a salad for lunch.

5. Always stuff your sandwiches full with Green lettuce and tomato.

6. Eat an apple as an afternoon snack.

7. Juice daily. Enjoy combos like carrot-apple-parsley.

8. Squeeze lemon in your water.

9. At dinner, make the vegetable your “main dish”.

10. When you shop at the grocery store, go to the produce section first and always try something new.  Load up on the green goodness and when available, buy organic!

So, what do you think – are you getting your 5 to 9 servings of fruit & veggies every day?


2 Replies to “10 Ways To Eat More Fruits & Veggies”

  1. let us SPRING, to the chance to turn the sod and plant garden in our wake up to knowing only they, can doctor us back to hour health.

    being the Nurseryes of Peace on Earth
    being the universal language a doctor us
    without question like
    the breath of your being
    only when fresh of the plants
    which have been grounded for life to arm earth with the windsong biAs weave wove in to the very fabrik of brains parting ways to where with the wink N blink of an eye
    lid lit
    the fire cracker that burn us through teh cannot do’s

    that needs be remembered is Peace Spreads
    like the light dispelling the darkness
    through the music we make and the songs we sing
    through all which leaves
    us gather in
    know, the seeds, you personally hold
    in the palm of your hand before you plant and better yes,
    spit on them , for that’s be like a dog or horse, leaving its mark,
    scoop the piles o poop from the garden gate area and man, did that horse
    talk about a hinny and a hawing till. . . just a taking a run for it

    plant your seeds, spit on them, impregnate them with the very essence of your being and with it will produce the air, holding your inner sense abilityes , sprouting with the chance to show of their skills and abilityes to doctor you
    back to health
    lump in your
    laugh it from your sense o being
    trouble only kling on serious
    sow let the sweet scents of succes flower at your fee and watch the cross melt off your face . . ah, just to the border tween countryes be, a blooming show you cannot cross without lossing your cross. and fair game for all who play lets make a deal
    for us, that the use of peach pit pendulum
    peach pit pendulum any one can make one
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    hey, no fooling mother nature or the cosmos
    for that matter. . . go fly with a live in trust all our spirit has us drive do

    never hunger for an answer once a know
    they’ll be give to us when a fitting
    and likely as not in a momend
    when least expected

  2. I’ve just started reading a really fascinating book by Nina Planck called “Real Food: What to Eat and Why.” In it she talks about what real food is and why things we, now insitinctively, think of as being bad for us aren’t necessarily so.
    The reason I mention this is that she talks about growing up on a vegetable farm in VA (yay – my state!! :)) and how much of a presence fresh veggies were in their lives, along with real butter, real eggs, real dairy. Before dinner her mother would set out bowl of fresh carrot, apple, or turnip sticks so that they could eat raw fruit and veggies if they were hungry.
    They were allowed to, and encouraged to, eat as much fresh fruit and veggies as they wanted. They also, of course, ate locally and seasonally. During the winter they would eat their own canned tomatoes and frozen red bell peppers.
    For us, growing our own and buying from our local farmer’s market has REALLY increased how many fruits and veggies we eat per day. Today we stopped by the farmer’s market and picked up fresh broccoli, spring onions, peas, and strawberries. They boys ate fresh, raw carrots and broccoli for lunch!! We’ve also been harvesting our own mini-crop of strawberries and to be able to pick something you grew (organically of course!) and pop it in your mouth is the best feeling … no, I take that back, the best feeling is watching your kid do it & seeing how much they love it and how much joy they get out of it!!
    We’re getting ready to begin getting raw milk again and I can’t wait to make our own butter once more. It just simply can NOT compare to store bought milk, much less store bought butter!

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