4 Weirdo Ways to Whiten Your Teeth


And NO ~ we are not talking strawberries and baking soda here!!  These are beyond the normal weird ways of whitening your teeth.  This is the next level of strange.  I’m almost inclined to say, I’ve found 4 natural ways to noticeably brighten your smile or your money back but, that’s ridiculous, because this info is free.

YOU will have to be the judge of the results!  NONE of these suggestions will hurt to try, although the last one challenged my gag reflex pretty hard 😛 lol

For sure, ALL are a benefit to your gums and overall health.

#1 & #2 Coconut Oil and Activated Charcoal



When I first started oil pulling, I was just using unrefined coconut oil by itself – which really does leave the mouth feeling oh so clean and is said to help pull toxins from the body too!

I also had, by itself, used activated charcoal powder to brush my teeth for removing stains.

But then! BEHOLD!! I read about the idea of swishing with BLACK OIL for natural teeth whitening, and I was sold!! Heck yeah, why not!! Two for the price and time of one (since recommended swishing time is 20 freaking minutes!!)

But it’s easy!! I’m actually swishing with black oil right now as I blog this like a boss.


#3 Banana Peels


Umm, yeah… banana peels… Rub ’em on your teeth.

I’m serious.

The inside of the peel – just a little up ‘n down, side to side action before you eat the naner. There’s something in them that does something – I swear.

Organic bananas are best for the environment, your body and the weird things you do with them 🙂

It only takes a minute, don’t ask questions, just rub it on and get on with your business.

And now the grand finale of boundary pushing oral hygiene dental care…


# 4 Turmeric Powder




Brace yourself, I’m about to tell you to grab an old toothbrush (because it WILL be worthy of throwing out after this) and brush your teeth with the popular curry spice – turmeric powder!!


It’s a texture thing for me. But it’s the most effective one in my opinion, so you better just weird up and try it like a good little weirdie!!!

By all means, don’t just take my word for it…

So what are you waiting for?? There’s a good chance you’ve got these things at home right now for a little DIY tooth care!

Have fun – a sense of humor may help – smile big and let me know what you think!!



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