64 Days of Peace and Nonviolence 2017 

I invite you to join me
over the next 64 days,
to celebrate the Season of
Peace and Nonviolence. 

64 days, 64 ways!!

Each day:
a thought,
an inspiring quote,
along with something
simple you can do!

Open your hearts,
We start tomorrow!!

Share this with your family and friends!

We’ve enjoyed this as part of our
homeschool for almost a decade!!
It’s a simple, beautiful, and practical
way to teach peace and nonviolence.

More info:

A Season for Nonviolence:
January 30 – April 4
A Season for Nonviolence is a
national 64-day educational, media,
and grassroots campaign dedicated to
demonstrating that non-violence is a
powerful way to heal, transform, and
empower our lives and our communities.


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