A Season for Nonviolence


I’m ready to kick off my 64 days of nonviolence – as I take a break each year from my naturally violent nature to practice and celebrate my more peaceful side.

It’s refreshing.

Whether you are homeschoolers or just want to infuse some goodness in your family, these daily practices are great lessons and reminders to live, act and be the people our hearts and souls truly are.  EVERYONE could benefit from being a little more aware and it’s a great time of year to reflect.  So take a minute to check it all out and please, spread the word about 64-days.org

5 Replies to “A Season for Nonviolence”

  1. Now this is exciting! These guys are based out of DFW, which means I can get involved locally! I definitely appreciate this bit of information!
    I will definitely keep you posted with the details of my volunteer service!

  2. We are celebrating again this year! Tis the season for Peace and Nonviolence.


    I love observing myself ~ I am coming to this from a great place this year, very full of gratitude.

    Thank you Dallas for your inspiration!

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