Acupressure Techniques for Nasty Headaches

Acupressure/finger acupuncture Techniques for Headaches
by: Philip Bain, M.D.
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Got a nasty headache?  Before reaching for medicine, try these natural headache relief tips as your first choice.  Then add some essential oil of lavender for further relaxation.

Acupressure or finger acupuncture is a variation of traditional acupuncture. It can be helpful as a self-help tool for the treatment of mild to moderately painful headaches. It is a technique of massaging acupuncture points related to headache. There are two important acupressure points useful in treating headaches.


* Locate the important points detailed below.
* Press firmly over the point and begin rubbing in a circular motion two to three cycles per second. Use moderate pressure.
* It works best if done on both sides at the same time. Thus, you may need a friend or relative to help.
* You can perform this procedure for up to five minutes many times per day when you have a headache.
* Acupressure is a safe, non-drug, simple-to-learn technique that can provide relief for mild to moderate headaches.

Point Feng-chi – location and technique


* Below the occipital bone, about 1.5 inches lateral to the midline of the head.
* Sit down and bend the head forward.
* Use thumb(s) to massage firmly in a circular motion.

Point Ho-ku – location and technique


* Over the dorsum of the hand, in between the 1st and 2nd metacarpal bones.
* Lie or sit down.
* Use thumb to press firmly against the 2nd metacarpal bone and massage in a circular motion.
* It is best to have both sides done at the same time, but if no one is able to help, you can massage one side for up to five minutes and then switch to the other side.

Ahhh, relief… or not?  Tell us what you do to get rid of you nasty headaches.  Do you go all natural or do you just say to hell with it, grab the bottle of ibuprofen, chug it down with some cola and take a nap to awake with the power of Grayskull?

6 Replies to “Acupressure Techniques for Nasty Headaches”

  1. it would help if I knew where my “occipital” bone or the “dorsum” of my hand was! How about layman’s terms, please?

    1. Nerdy words to know:

      dorsum is term that refers to the back of something

      occipital bone is the lower back part of your head

      metacarpal bones are you knuckles

      lateral means at the sides (right to left)

      the power of Grayskull is He-Mans power up saying

  2. LOL @ “the power of Grayskull is He-Mans power up saying”. You are sooo funny! AND so wise for knowing and sharing this info. I’m a massage therapist, and one of my favorite (and most-used) modalities is acupressure/shiatsu. It’s amazing and can be used to provide labor comfort and labor stimulation, too! Here is a link to one of my favorite articles for home treatment w/ kids:

    Mama Bess

  3. Know these aren’t accupressure techniques, but since it’s on the topic of nasty headaches, thought I would share two tips:
    1) E.O.s of Peppermint & Lavender (not too much peppermint) blended in a base oil & rubbed on the temples works wonders
    2) Stick your feet in cool-to-cold water. I have horrible migraines and one of my biggest triggers is light. Yet, I’ve found if I can stay cool I am ok. When we were at the beach I was able to go all week pretty much without my sunglasses on as long as I took many trips into the water to cool back down. Really helps!

    1. Wow, that’s a neat trick for headaches. I’ll have to stick my feet in a nice ice bath next time I start to feel those awful headaches. lol. How do you know all these little tips? hehe

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