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Hello inter-web entrepreneur!!

Ready to have your banner show up on every single page of my blog?? Yes!!!

Here’s what you do!

Choose an available ad spot below. I use Adproval and Amazon payments and they make it super simple for you!

No surprises with me – the cost works out to less than $5 a week and you decide how long it will run. I like the idea of keeping it very low cost so we can help each other and still be able to put fresh food on the table, if ya know what I mean ūüėČ You just say how long you’d like me to toot the horn about your website and I will be happy to do so! It’s easy. We are a good match and I plan on telling all my Facebook & Twitter friends about you supporting my blog!

I’m SUPER excited to be promoting you! And it melts my heart that you’ve taken time to support me too!¬†My family and I appreciate it so much!

Thank you!!

Lots of Love,

Sadie @allnaturalme

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