Promote Your Website


Hello inter-web entrepreneur!!

Ready to have your banner show up on every single page of my blog?? Yes!!!

Here’s what you do! Let me know you are interested by emailing me here:

connect (at)

Tell me about your website and attach your 125×125 button for me to preview. I need to make sure we are a good match because I will probably want to tell all my Facebook & Twitter friends about you supporting my blog!

No surprises with me – the cost is only $5 a week and you decide how long it will run. I like the idea of keeping it very low cost so we can help each other and still be able to put fresh food on the table, if ya know what I mean ;) You just let me know how many weeks you’d like me to toot the horn about your website and I will send you a Paypal invoice. It’s easy.

I’m SUPER excited to be promoting you! And it melts my heart that you’ve taken time to support me too!┬áMy family and I appreciate it so much!

Thank you!!

Lots of Love,

Sadie @allnaturalme