Affirmation: Healing Your Body

Sharing my notes with you!

Affirmations for Healing & Body Pain

Affirmations are better feeling thoughts to think to improve your body.

Lie down & read them – breathing & relaxing. That’s all you have to do to let your body do it’s thing. That’s the best advice – just get out of your own way and let your body heal like it already knows how to do.

Brace yourself, I’m about to be blunt – but we really tend to screw ourselves with negative thinking. So if you can just plop your ass down for awhile (or the night) and think/say/sing some positive thoughts first, your body will benefit from these good feelings.

Everything is energy. Everything is vibration.

Raise yours!!

If my notes resonate with you (and yes, you may print them out) Then by all means, you MUST READ the book where I found them!!

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