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Hey Friend!

School’s out! Whoo hoo –

Of course, now our neighborhood is overrun with noisy kids that are now annoying me instead of their poor teacher. Great.

Teachers, enjoy your break 🙂

Exciting News!

The end of May marked our Grand Opening of our new
All Natural Me Etsy Shop conveniently located in cyberspace at:

Check out the shop for recycled crayons, handmade bags and our upcycled envelopes called Recyclopes. Shop sales help keep the lights on at All Natural Me dot com so please spread the word to all your friends. We appreciate your support!


As always, the All Natural Me Blog is a super fun place, so come hang out!

Our Top Commentator in May was MamaTaney,
who got hooked up with this lovely prize pack:

– Signed copy of The Adventures of Blackberry and Whiskers by Ray Ferrer

– Independent Artist Joy Katzen-Guthrie album Favorite Melody, Vol. One

– Set of handmade cards by five-and-dime posts

– All Natural Me Recycled Confetti

– Handmade Totebag by Grace Lee from

Much love to the artists who donated the loot 🙂
Please visit their websites and tell them how much they rock!

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– Global Warming Mind Maps
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– Smart Disposal of Your Meds

Comments and added information are always welcome.
See you soon!

Much love,
Sadie from

ps – remember to get hooked up with Free Karma Kards!

All orders from the All Natural Me Etsy Shop include
a set of Karma Kards and a surprise gift!

3 Replies to “All Natural Me Etsy Shop”

  1. Hey there. I’ve been wondering: How did you start I looove this site, and always wanted my own site. How did you get the idea and get the idea going? Thanks for starting this site! It’s definitely helped inspire me to start my own thing. I’m just stuck on what one idea I want to make into a website, and if I should be an “expert” first, to start. I started a blog about trying to live greener, but the few entries I’ve written have jumped around, or are kind of boring. haha. But I love designing, writing, and the internet. So if you could just tell me a little history of AllNaturalMe, that would be awesome! Thanks again!

    1. Getting knocked up turned me into a full fledge All Natural Me. For real! I was always pretty natural and supportive of eco-issues, but my passion seriously flamed 6 years ago when I transformed from a single gal into a mother. Being responsible for another soul is a classic way to WAKE UP to the issues of the world making you feel this duty to do your part – for your babe and the world.

      And having a big mouth, it was just natural for me to start spreading the word about All Natural Me stuff 🙂 I just felt like EVERYONE should be able to live more natually. Everyone could easily call themselves a “natural me” without changing anything major. The biggest impact we can have in our immediate world – our house, car, family…. is so important. If we can change our lives for the better and influence those around us, collectively, we’ll help save our big world. So even if your blogging seems random, if you are spreading the good word, keep doing it! You are helping make positive change and that is awesome!

      1. Oops, I had no idea you had replied to my comment! lol I’m sorry! But thanks! Oh yeah I’m still blogging random things, but who knows what it can turn into. 🙂 And I’m sure I’ll be even more of a ‘natural me’ when I finally start a family, I’m already interested and trying my best now.

        Thanks again!

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