All Natural Me Litter Hawk


Little Ayden from All Natural Me has some exciting news!

Earlier this year, he and his homeschool buddies entered the PA Cleanways Litter Hawk Award Program with their local service project.  And guess what!?!  Their green goodness won the Community Outreach category for their age group.

Whoo hoo!

Ayden and his friends are always cleaning up our highly littered neighborhood and we are so very proud of them for putting trash in its place.

Way to go Litter Hawks!!

7 Replies to “All Natural Me Litter Hawk”

  1. YAY Ayden and the Litter Hawks!!! That’s awesome! Our kids pick up litter whenever we’re out too, its great to see so many youngsters being so aware of the world they live in and caring about it.

  2. It’s good to see kids interested in keeping their neighborhood clean. It is just sad that there are so many ignorant litterers who create this need. Parents need to teach their kids to respect the environment and not make it ugly for others.

  3. Thank you! He sure is 🙂 Mama’s pretty sure the “green” is genetically imprinted in this guy.

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