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The best way to learn more about being All Natural Me and living an eco-friendly lifestyle is from each other!

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Natural Me persons love that natural stuff….
Natural living, herbal medicine, essential oils, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, reflexology, chiropractic, homeopathic medicine, flower essences, vitamins, holistic healing, nutrition, organics, gardening, growing herbs, sustainable living, vegan, vegetarian, environmental issues, reduce, reuse, recycle, animal rights, vermiculture, composting, chemical-free cleaning, attachment parenting, natural family, finding inner peace, contentment, having fun and living life to its fullest!!

We invite you to join and participate in a Natural Me Online Group:
Natural Me Myspace Group
With over 29,000 members, there is always something fun to talk about. You’ll need to sign up with a myspace account and learn to over look the huge amount of spam, porn and rude behavior but overall, we think you’ll like it there.

Natural Me Yahoo Discussion Group!
Join us to discuss Natural living topics, Ways to improve the environment, How to be healthy, Your thoughts on the latest All Natural Me Zine And any other topic that’s “all natural me”! After you sign up, you don’t even have to login to yahoo, you can reply to group easily from your email inbox!

Natural Me Care2 Group!
We adore with all their green ambition and are thrilled to have a growing Natural Me group there along with the environmental information they offer.

All Natural Me also makes appearances on social networking sites like Friendster, Yuwie, Etsy and MyBlogLog. As the message of living green continues to grow, I expect to see hundreds if not billions of All Natural Me persons, groups, promoters and really cool copy&paste codes for your website sprouting up everywhere!

🙂  Let us know about the wonderful All Natural Me things YOU are doing!

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    1. Welcome Betsy! That’s awesome that your daughter is interested in learning more about natural living, and that you are too! We homeschool as well, but we’re just starting out on our journey there (our oldest will be 5 in January).
      This is a great site to help learn more about natural living and things to think about when thinking green.

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