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We have a great new thing going on in the All Natural Me dot com Blog.

Every month, HUGE cash prizes will be awarded to the person with the most comments.

Ummm… April Fools!!

Ha ha. Well actually, I am only joking about the huge cash prizes – you know, we can give you green around here, but not that kind of green. But it’s not all a complete joke, as we do have lots of goodies lined up for the top commentator of the month.

It’s easy to participate – just comment on posts!

To be eligible, they do have to be real comments – no cheating kids! You can’t just post “Cool Beans!” on every post 10 times twice and expect us to think that is cool beans. You have to be legit. Okay? Now, if you don’t make the top, just hang around some more and try again next month. You would be here anyways even if we weren’t bribing you right? Haha. Remember, you can also post your replies to previous comments so not only can you share your thoughts about the post but also to what other people said as well. Just try to be nice please.

Speak Your Mind (a lot if you want to win goodies) and Have Fun! You can see who is leading the comments over on the right column. Just click the tab marked Top Commentators.

Thanks for your support. Now go play a trick on somebody!

7 Replies to “All Natural Me Top Commentators”

  1. Great question. A little preventative maintenance will take you a long way. Vitamin D , produced by the sun is a must. Some vitamin E is great but not too much. Zinc prevents prostate cancer. Eating fresh blueberries can prevent colon cancer.

  2. Especially the stuff about vitamin K2 (the best source of which is milk or butter from cows eating fresh grass. So basically good butter is a health food now. (Repeat after me: Just because some is good doesn’t mean more is better.

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