Alternatives to Chemical Air Fresheners

Commercial air fresheners that are loaded with chemicals suck.

I’m going to skip picking a fight with you and assume that you already know all about the nasty chemicals like phthalates that are in them and DO NOT use them yourself. And of course it would be silly for me to even think of the possibility that you might have a gross country candle burning on your stove… you don’t, do you?

Actually, You are probably so very much an All Natural Me that you have loads of creative organic ways of keeping your home and car smelling so lovely that you don’t even need me to list my favorite all natural air fresheners but, I will anyways, just so you can forward this info along to your friends and family who haven’t quite gotten the hint to lay the F – off of the damn air fresheners and scented cleaning products!

My gawd people! (not you, your dumb friends) What the heck are you trying to cover up anyways? A dirty house, funky garbage, your husbands feet, the sixteen litter boxes? For those specific smells, I would recommend cleaning every once in a while, taking it outside, encouraging good hygiene and supplementing with zinc and downsizing. And for the love…

Don’t Offend Others With Second-Hand Chemicals!

stinkynose.jpg Next time your home smells like ka-ka-poo-poo, try these all natural ways to freshen the air:

1. Open your windows and get fresh air into your home. In with the new, out with the stinky.

2. Grow indoor plants and aromatic herbs to help clean the air and infuse good green smells.

3. Turn to your friends Mr. Baking Soda and Miss Vinegar. They are great for homemade cleaning recipes and, if you just leave some sitting out, they absorb odors. Yeah, no kidding.

4. Buy a couple extra bars of handmade soap and display them in a pretty dish until you need a new bar. It will naturally freshen your bathroom all the time. And it’s so Martha Stewart, who can resist?

5. Use essential oils diluted with water in a spray bottle as a natural air freshener to spritz a room back to lovely after someone leaves a stinker.

6. Place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a clay stone to naturally scent an area and wear oils on yourself. You’ll be like a walking air freshener wherever you go.

7. Throw out your Apple Pie scented candle and BAKE a Freakin’ REAL Apple Pie!

8. And as a last resort, when your place really does smell like crap, burn a stick of all natural incense. Not the best thing you can do for air quality control but certain occasions may demand it. Even if you never light them up, incense cones & sticks do their part to infuse natural scents if you strategically place them around your home.

Like up in your stinky Aaaaa… ummm, attic.

9 Replies to “Alternatives to Chemical Air Fresheners”

  1. Thanks for the tips! I definitely use baking soda and vinegar to help clean and freshen up my place. 🙂 I hate the smell of chemical cleaners, they make me feel like my lungs are closing up. Haha. I have to say #7 is the best tip! LOL. Of course, bake something! That’s instant yummy-smelling. 🙂

  2. If you don’t want to bake an apple pie, here is a super eay way to get the smell: slice up some apples, place in a pot with cinnamon sticks & vanilla extract (you can use just the vanilla & cinnamon, but the apples just rock!), then fill with water. When it starts to boil, turn it back to simmer & bask in the gloriousness!!
    Another fun tip we found out by accident:
    Place a damp washcloth (or piece of cloth) with several drops of essential oil on it in front of a fan. Works like magic. We do this on top of our guinea pig cage with rosemary essential oil to help keep away flies in the summer. Our front room smells SO incredible!

    1. Nice tips, MamaT! 🙂 I’ve heard of doing that with a damp cloth. It’s weird how it works. I’ve done it with different body sprays before, it really does work.

    2. Ooo! I also use orange extract, cinnamon sticks and cloves. My hubby loves it when I do this and so do I.

      I actually just found some candles hiding in a drawer from years ago and I was tempted to burn the dumb things just bc I’ve had them so long and to get rid of them. Reading your post now reminds me of why I stopped burning them altogether and I’ll just do the easy thing and throw ’em out! 🙂

      1. Orange extract, cinnamon sticks & cloves ~~ how wonderful for wintertime!
        What type of orange extract do you use?? Essential Oils, baking extract, or something else? I imagine the peels might work as well?

  3. To freshen the bathroom after “heavy use”, I light a match and hold it just over the water, moving match around to burn off odor.

    Also I keep a bottle of essential oil on the toilet tank lid and after flushing and doing the match, I put one drop of peppermint essential oil into the tank. It definitely helps.

    And, open the window a moment or five.

    Most of my friends now keep a toilet bowl brush in a flower pot or some sort of clay or glass container next to the toilet. This way a quick swish can keep the toilet bowl cleaner in between real cleanups.

    Thanks for all the other tips above!

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