Anti-inflammatory Diet & Recipe Book

Looky what I got!!!


What an awesome find at my Brookville Library! And thanks lovie for fulfilling my wishlist before I even had a chance to return the rented copy [insert spoiled smiley face here] hee hee

So here are some of the recipes that I am most excited about making & eating to reduce inflammation:

Poppy Seed Rice
Milk Thistle Seasoning Salt
Olive Oil-Butter Spread
The All-Forgiving Banana Bread
Honey Millet Muffins
Mexican Morning Eggs
Breakfast Eggnog (raw eggs – whatcha think?)
Sesame Milk
Immune Booster Tea
Sweet Sprout Curry
Coconut Almond Chicken
Winter Soup
Raw Beet Soup
10-minute Avocado Soup
Sun Candies

And there’s this recipe where you freeze bananas covered in carob ~ yum!!

That’s my short list, by the way! I stopped myself so it wouldn’t be so obvious how much of a piggy I am ūüôā But it’s all in the name of health – so let’s eat up!!

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