Please Don’t Vote

Really – Why would you?

It’s not like voting really matters or anything, so screw it!  You have WAY better things to do…

Anyone picking up on my sarcasm yet or do you think All Natural Me is a blatant anti-voter?

Pssshhh – Watch the video! Of course I’m joking, I’ll be voting my heart out on Election Day and I hope you do the same.  And I almost don’t want to ask, but do you know who you are voting for?

Share your thoughts.  Much love!

Recycled Crayons and Spooky Coloring Pages


The green idea at the All Natural Me Etsy Shop this month is to give something a little less edible than candy this Halloween.  Spooky recycled crayons!  Just go ahead and try to eat them.

Then color yourself scared with these creepy coloring pages courtesy of The Dreg.

Half Boy – Half Monster Coloring Page
Hairy Cyclops Coloring Page
Halloween Jack O Lantern Coloring Page
Mr. Google Eyes Coloring Page
Horned Octopus Coloring Page

Much love and Thanks to Dreg who thoughtfully made something for everyone.  My favorite is the Horned Octopus!

All Natural Me creepiness also spread its way over to Sweet Figments, who graced Sadie with a feature interview and showcased her upcycled works.  Much love!

Do Yoga at Home

Do yoga from the comfort of your own home!

Finally a solution for those of us that want to do more yoga but have trouble committing to a scheduled class. Some people can do it, but others seem to get jinxed every Tuesday at 4:30 if that is the time they HAVE to do yoga. Better to be able to get your yoga on when you are ready and in the mood.

If you like the idea of skipping all the traffic and rushing to make it on time, then try some yoga classes at home.  You’ll be able to attain incredible focus in your own space and be able to OM your butt off any time of the day.

tn48.jpg All Natural Me Wants to Know,

What is Your Favorite Yoga Pose?

RecycleBank Brings Green Bling to Your Neighborhood

green-tag.jpg But not mine yet!  What’s up?  I WANT RECYCLEBANK!!!

Heck yeah I wanted to be rewarded for recycling and that’s exactly what RecycleBank does for us good little greenies who diligently do our part to recycle and do you know what’s even better about the program?  It encourages your slack ass neighbors to get on the green ball and recycle by offering them reward points they can use at hundreds of business locations (local and national) to redeem free stuff and discounts.  All I know is that I saw Stonyfield Yogurt and Sun & Earth cleaning products as companies that participate, so I’m sold.

What if we all called our local township supervisors and waste management companies and let them know that we’d love to have this program in our area?  Huh?  Let’s fill up those suggestion boxes and get a fun green program like RecycleBank implemented in our neighborhood.

It’s about time we got a little green kick back for all our good work.

Green bling?  Bring it on!

Green Collar Jobs


Green Jobs Now is asking you to take action to tell the next President and Congress that we are ready for the new, green economy.

Sign the petition, host an event or at the very least, spread the word to your friends about supporting the creation of more jobs working with renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, and green building.

People Who Smoke Around Kids Stink

Is this you?


If so, I’m so sick of you.  So so SICK of your stinkin’ ass smoking every where you go which happens to be, everywhere my family goes.

Smokers are everywhere – at parties, picnics, outdoor events, downtown and even to the left and right of my front doorsteps.  I’m surrounded by obnoxious smells.  Some of these smokers I even love, but what I don’t love about any of them, is how they casually overlook my pregnant self and my wee ones that are very much engulfed in their second hand smoke as they continue to enjoy their right to light up.

Lit and unlit, smokers smell bad.

Smoking gets me fired up.  When I see mothers smoking in the mini van with all the windows rolled up AND the kids in the back, I have to remember that I am not in a demolition derby.   When I hear parents speak of their son’s asthma and I know damn well they smoke inside their home, I have to refrain from shouting, you dumb ass!  And when people get cancer after years and years of smoking, so help me I will always remember to not say a lot of things.

But every once in a while, you do have to say a few things if you are someone who is a fan of clean air, healthy bodies and less cigarette litter on the ground.  Yes, you nasty smoking folks drive the nail in by just throwing that smoking butt on the ground when you’re done.  Oh, pardon me to the folks who step out the smolder with your foot – you’re so kind.  It is estimated that 4.5 trillion cigarette butts become litter every year. (Thanks Wikipedia)  That’s A LOT of litter and litterbugs who get away with it on a daily basis.

Luckily, we don’t just have to sit here and fume about it.  There are many ways to get involved locally with education campaigns, installing ash receptacles, encouraging the use of pocket ashtrays and enforcing litter laws.  Even though it’s funded by Phillip Morris, Prevent Cigarette Litter dot org is a pretty handy website.  But if you prefer to visit a website that isn’t funded by bullshit, click straight on to and support their great environmental cause, The Responsible Smokers Act.


And on that note, I will extinguish my flame…

Shorten Your Showers by 30 Seconds

My green friends at Ideal Bite shared this little eco-fact with me today:

For every 30 seconds you shorten your shower, you’ll save up to 4 gallons of water.

That’s an amazing way to break it down – a real eye opener too, especially when you think about how many times you space out during your shower just letting the water hit your back.  Ahhh… SNAP out of it water waster!!  You just let 16 gallons of H2O slide down the drain!  Shame, shame.

Pick Your Own Food

It’s great being able to run into the backyard and snag a fresh tomato off the vine.  But let’s say you garden like me, very limited and not really abundant yet, you may want to look into the option of visiting a local farm where they let you pick your own food!

Blueberries, strawberries, corn, pumpkins, apples, peaches… there are lots of yummy foods that come to mind that I’d love to get my hands on!


To find out where the local farmers are that will let you hang out and snag some grub, visit to locate ones in your county.  The website also offers great suggestions for picking tips and clear instructions on how to preserve your harvest.

Picking your own food is fun, fresh, tasty, a great learning experience, easy on the fossil fuels by staying local and it’s darn good exercise.

Feel Your Boobies and Balls

Tips on Natural Breast Health:

Did you know that breastfeeding for over 6 months GREATLY reduces a mother’s risk of breast cancer? It also decreases the chance of ovarian and uterine cancer as well. That’s a great perk for choosing to naturally nurse our wee ones. Thank You Mother Nature!

If you’d like more information supporting ninny milk, “Breastfeeding for Dummies” tells it like it is with an honest approach on the many health benefits of breastfeeding.

Not yet a milk maid?  You can still take care of you by asking yourself:

Are you doing your self breast exam monthly?

Breast exams are one thing that probably does not make it on the Daily To-Do list – am I right? And even if you want to, maybe the printed information at the clinic isn’t helpful enough. Honestly, what is up with those poorly drawn sketches to clearly illustrate an effective exam. Visit The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation for an accurate video instructions on SBE.

Recognizing what a lump could feel like is important.  Next time you find yourself at a health fair and they have a breast cancer awareness table that has a display breast with lumps planted in it, be sure to feel it up.  I’m serious!  For your health, find out the difference between a cyst and a lymph.  Some lumpiness belongs there and some signal trouble.  Get to know your tits.  Feel your boobies!

Come on ladies, bond with the twins on a regular basis so you can be aware of any changes that may signal a doctor appointment.  I suppose we shouldn’t just limit this advice to females.  Although breast cancer in MEN is rare it can happen.

Speaking of men, you guys need to know your bodies too.

Hell yeah you guys!  You now have a healthy reason to fondle yourself.  But there’s actually a specific way fellas.  The instructions for a monthly Testicular Self Examination seem pretty easy to follow, so no need to sweat in taking care of the jewels.

tn48.jpg All Natural Me Wants to Know – When is the last time you felt yourself up?

Drug Reps Before Patients

There was a thread this week in the All Natural Me Myspace Group that contained a comment from a member who said, “When I do go to the doctor (which is rare) I end up having to wait for long periods of time because there is always a drug representative in the office. I have seen up to 3 of them there at one time, all of which went back to see the doctor before I did.  I can’t stand for someone to push the “latest and greatest” new drugs on me and I sure don’t like it when they push themselves into my appointment time!!!”

No doubt I thought, that would be annoying, as I had not yet experienced this one for myself.  Well… also this week, I had a prenatal check up.  So there we are, we including my 6 year old and my 14 month old, at the doctors and who do I see walk in as we are walking back to the exam room but 2 decent looking dudes in business suits wearing cheesy smiles.

Yep, you guessed it – Drug Reps!

I didn’t think anything about it until 25 minutes later when we, that includes the 2 little monkeys, were still waiting in the very small exam room.  Were we waiting patiently?  No, we were climbing all over the table, spinning on the doctor’s stool, trying to open canisters on the counter, standing on chairs and tearing up magazines among other unmentionables.   And suddenly, I thought of the lady who made the myspace comment and it was very clear to me that I was being made to wait a very long time because of the smiling well-dressed cheese ball pill pushers who were taking up my time by schmoozing my doctor with free samples, gifts, pens and maybe even lunch.  Humphfff!

saynotodrugreps.gif has resources to find a promotion-free provider if your doctor happens to be addicted to drug reps, and if you’re a smarty pants looking to go to medical school, they can help you locate a promotion-free med school.