Baby Issues

Oh yeah, making babies is fun.

That is until pharmaceuticals and moral ethics try to get their hands on the little squirts.

Pink or blue, Sadie and Dreg will soon find themselves facing issues beyond picking out the perfect baby name.  Issues that may even be more difficult then figuring out how to squeeze three car seats in the back of a VW.

2 Replies to “Baby Issues”

  1. Haha, love this comic. But sadly, it’s very true. Well no matter what the sex of the baby is, I hope the best for your family! Is this going to be the last baby?

  2. It truly is scary having kids and letting the doctors try to tell you that they MUST HAVE this shot or drug or procedure and so on. Both our boys are circumcised, but that is only based on my agreement with a friend’s sentiment “As the father is, so should be the children” (since that is the first “comparison” they will have).
    And I feel for y’all on the three car seat issue Sadie!! That’s one reason we won’t be having any more kids – they won’t fit in the car! We’re still wishing y’all the best and hope you will let us know as soon as you can after the baby arrives!

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