Backyard Chickens Rock

chickenHave you heard the Henny Penny News?

Some chicks in Salem, Virginia are starting to say What the Cluck? at the possibility of not being allowed to stay in their home.  The local zoning authorities are trying to kick them out of their coop – permanently.  It’s hard to think that in America (you know, land of the free?) you may not be allowed the right to chicken on your own property.

Back yard chickens are so great!  They are excellent pets, a source of fresh food and terrific pest control.  Small flocks of chickens should be allowed in Salem, VA and EVERY WHERE.    Please sign this very important petition to show your support. Salem will be a better place for allowing the hens to stay.

Contact Carrie if you’d like a shirt with the What the Cluck? design and you are also invited to join the community group on FacebookPlease spread the word to help save Salem’s chickens!

14 Replies to “Backyard Chickens Rock”

  1. I agree with your idea, Back yard chickens are so great! when i was young , there were so many chickens in our backyard. They are excellent pets . i liked them very much…

  2. Personally I am not too supportive of this initiative. I like chickens and I’m sure there would be good benefits of having them as a pet. At the same time, I don’t think they are appropriate as regular pets especially in urban areas. They do make a lot of noise and can be a hassle to clean up after. provided you have sufficient room, they should be allowed, but not in just any backyard.

  3. I agree…..chickens in urban backyards is a bad idea. This is just an invitation to bears, foxes and other predators that would love a free chicken feast. They don’t really make a very friendly pet. We’ve had chickens before and they just run away all the time. They’re not exactly the kind of pet that you can cuddle with before bedtime.

  4. Yeah – but they’re like the nicest spammers – ever.

    But it is so nice to see you Sam 🙂 a person with a real name!

    Hope you are still loving your schooling and still doing yoga?
    Much love!


  5. I am just prowling through your old posts, and BAM! I spot another Tiffany in your comments. I didn’t know that you knew another Tiffany.
    Anyhow, I’m pretty sure that the scary, chicken-eating animals don’t come out til after dark, especially in town. We have had chickens (no roosters) in town for over 2 years, and have had no problems at all. I can assure everyone that a single dog is far worse to clean up after than a dozen chickens. I am also pretty sure that indoor kitty litter is more of a health hazard than outdoor chicken poo (which composts great!). Obviously, I am a huge fan of useful pets.

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