Know What to Compost and What to NOT



Compost Happens with 4 Easy Ingredients! 

You can make a simple pile or use an open or enclosed bin to scrap all your GREENS (nitrogen) and BROWNS (carbon).  Then all you need to do is keep it moist with WATER and stir in some OXYGEN by mixing & turning your pile.


GREENS: vegetable & fruit scraps, grass, house plant clippings, cut flowers, garden trimmings, coffee grounds, tea bags.

BROWNS: dried grass & leaves, straw, paper products, bread, pasta & rice, egg shells, little twigs, nut shells, shredded newspaper, cardboard like cereal boxes.

I’m also pretty sure most weeds compost along with manure, straw, hay, hair & lint.

That’s a lot of stuff that doesn’t need to find the trash can, just needs to make it to the scrap bucket 🙂


Now here’s what not to put in the pile ~

DON’T COMPOST: invasive weeds that have gone to seed, wood ashes, lime, BBQ charcoal, meat, grease, bones, dairy products, poop from humans, cats or dogs, plastic, metal, glass, contaminated material, large amounts of soggy material, branches & wood chunks

That no-no list is from Home Composting Made Easy, ISBN# 0-942064-74-7

Happy Composting!





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