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Hey Friend!

Happy May to you! So far, this month has been huge as this years birthday officially took me out of my twenties. Now that I’ve hit the big 3-0, some people may expect me to finally grow up and stop wasting my time being fanatical about green issues and natural living.

Well, I assure you, that will never happen. I bet that even when I turn the big 9-0, I’ll still make the effort to point my cane in the air and shout “Buy organic or die!” to all my friends in grown-up diapers.

Keep eating organic and you may be around to find out for yourself!
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Your comments are always most welcome. Our Top Commentator winner from April is Sam! We’re sending her an upcycled tote bag filled with eco-friendly goodies like a reuseable shopping bag, All Natural Me’s Recycled Confetti, Environmental Working Groups pesticide and cosmetic info cards, a set of free Karma Kards and a Plastic Bags Blow Sticker. Wooo hooo! And there’s lots of fun stuff lined up for the May winner so be sure to come and hang out with All Natural Me.

Much love to you!

Sadie from
ps – Thanks for all the wonderful birthday wishes! I am truly surrounded by amazing people.

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10 Replies to “Birthday Girl”

  1. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! And I’ll be right there with you with my motorized scooter rawkin’ a Go Vegan tee!

  2. Happy Birthday, Sadie!!!

    The Big 3-0 is a distant memory for me—but I am more fanatical then ever about green issues and natural living, and will be until I’m in my adult (cloth) diapers!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Sadie!!! I just turned the big 3-0 last november & it ROCKS!!! Don’t know about you, but I am LOVIN’ being 30, and just like you I have NO intention of changing and not being as fanatical about green issues. If anything, I’m getting more and more fanatical — cuz now I’m all growed-up and so people SHOULD listen to me!! ha ha ha. Maybe I need to go buy my cane to shake & point with now!

  4. Happy belated birthday! Thank you for allowing me to be the top commentator! I love your site! Keep up the awesome work!

    ps. Hope that cake is organic! hehe

  5. I just received my goodie bag! I love everything! I used the shopping bag today when I went grocery shopping, and the tote is my new purse! Thank you again for all the goodies!

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