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5 times around the sun!!

We’re having a birthday celebration for Ebear – our little Elaine Grace (aka almost Carma Elaine)

This mama needs to conk out with papa soon if the festive chipper-ness will be there in the morning to greet our little one who’s growing up before our eyes – – so. fast. But, I wanted to snap a few pics of the prep work! Still need to frost a cake (tomorrow sunrise is fine right!?) and decorate it with butterflies! Watch instagram or the Facebook page for a shot of that –

And, I hear the birthday fairy is bringing sculpted beeswax candles this year! Last year, felted wool treasures and clay necklaces the year before that.

Before that? ? ? Hmmm ~ lordy, I have no memory before – that! Yep, it’s past conking time 🙂 ‘nite y’all!

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