Booty Blasting Good Time


So…. when I was Pinterest-ing the other day, I was searching for butt lifting exercises (yes, i’m 35 now) and came across this picture of the unattainable ass.

Of course, instant motivation right? Well, what got me even more was the fact that there are like A LOT of different kinds of squats that I didn’t even know existed!!

On to squat learning with this video that covers most of them:

Now you could really google your ass off learning about these squat variations but I think I’m going to dive right into a 30 day challenge! Shall we? You wanna??

I’m going to post the calender and link to ALL the videos as a playlist So check back when you need a new booty blasting workout lol – and i should tell you, i did one 3 days ago and whoa!! it’s taken me that long to recover! I may stretch my 30 days out over 2 months!!

Now there are 17 videos in the box below – butt workouts, butt cardio & butt tips lol – use the little BUTTon on the bottom that looks like a play sign to navigate to whichever one you need for the day you are on.


Click here for your 30daybuttlift calendar (print, hang & check mark off)

Good luck & let me know if you are game – I may find myself more motivated if I know you are torturing yourself too!! Having buns of steel isn’t just about being vain; you’ll feel strong and hopefully have less back ache!!

Oooo, alright – maybe I am being a little vain! Hey ladies, USE it or LOSE it LOL, it’s time to squat like your ass depended on it 😉

6 Replies to “Booty Blasting Good Time”

  1. I just did Day One!! And I survived!!!! The next video will play automatically – keep going if you’re a go-getter lol but if you’re like me and want to make muffins now – hit STOP & come back tomorrow!!!

  2. I’m still booty blasting!! How about you?? haha,I did take a week off after I pulled my back attempting a 2 mile jog…. hmmm, gonna get back to the plan of taking it easy now 🙂 and —- SQUAT!!!

  3. The links to the 17 workouts no longer work ( for like a week). I have been able to find them on utube, but would live to have them all here. The first 3-4 days after starting these I could hardly walk! I’m 57 and see an amazing difference already!

    1. Oh drat! This will be the third time I’ve had to update that code ~ I’m wondering if the fitness company doesn’t really want people embedding their videos & keeps changing it lol

      I will log into a real computer tonight & fix again and add a link to their YouTube page too because I need to get back on the booty blast train myself!!

      It is handy having the videos right here – sorry about the technical trouble!

      Glad you are loving the workouts, they feel VERY effective to me too 😉

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