Butt Wiping Fun at The ANM Etsy Shop


Thanks to our friend Pam Freer, your choices for reusable cloth toilet paper have now expanded to include a round variety in fun flannel prints for your wiping needs.  Up until this point, we’ve been totally square at the All Natural Me Etsy Shop.

Sometimes fun and cute (and if we’re lucky funny) is the best way to introduce a new concept to someone.  And choosing reusable family wipes is certainly a new one for most households.   Spread the word and see how many people you can inspire!  Choosing cloth is a small step we can all take.

Alright – alright.  I’ll quit talking crap.

Oh – Ha – ha!

7 Replies to “Butt Wiping Fun at The ANM Etsy Shop”

  1. Has anyone ever used reusable toilet cloths for number 2? lol. I’m just curious to see how many someone would use to wipe themselves after poopin’. hehe. ;P

      1. I know! They’re cute, and I’m sure they’re perfect for number 1…but what about the bad one?! lol. I think if I was to use reusable toilet cloths, I would just use it for peepee. 😛

  2. Oh I so want to be game for this – but just can’t seem to wrap my brain around it – although the swtich to mama pads has left me feeling so much better during the cycle – and I know this would be so much better for the environment – I’m spiing it around in my head trying to figure out how I can get there.

    Anybody have any wonderful success stories that might help inspire me?

  3. LOL those are cute, but I too am a bit apprehensive for wiping number 2. I remember my babies and how I hated to wash all those cloth wipes especially after they’d done their doooty! ugh

    Anyhow, thought I’d share with you a Happy Poo! (keeping to the theme of this post :)http://puchitomato.livejournal.com/16545.html

  4. Ok, being last month’s lucky winner and recipient of some of these wipes, I have to send in the review. Honestly, I’ve been meaning to do so for quite a while, but … well, shit happens. Couldn’t resist the pun, sorry.
    First – these things ROCK!!! I love them!! They are SO WONDERFULLY made!! Very high quality, absolutely love it (the quality). I’m really picky and high-standards about this type of thing, so to get raves here is a plus.
    Second – If you’re going to keep them on the back of your toilet, keep them in a basket. Or look before you go pee. I found myself yelling at the hubby what the hell happened to all my wonderful new wipes (I had only gotten to try a few) one late night. Thankfully I looked before I flushed. Even more thankfully I only peed that potty-time. I don’t know if I can blame the kids or just gravity – but all the remainder wipes were in the toilet bowl, along with the extra “bag” (aka – pillow case). Never been so thankful for tongs before in my life. You can imagine how funny the hubby thought this all was.
    On the plus side – the wipes held up wonderfully through the wash and even the dryer (yes, I used the dryer).

  5. This is a brilliant idea, and one that I haven’t thought of!
    Since reading this post, and checking out the All Natural Me Etsy I am inspired to make some of my own. It also got me to thinking about the cotton wipes I use for my facial astringent, and toner. Now, I think I will have to make smaller ones for my face too.

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