Carrot Pancakes & Other Things

Sometimes, I get really good ideas. And other times, I just get ideas that I think might be good – so I try them.

I don’t know about this one –


Somewhere in between the thought of making pancakes and actually doing it, I decided it might be a good idea chop shred and cook some carrots to add into the buckwheat pancake batter.

Coconut oil, vanilla and a crazy amount of pumpkin pie spice also went into the batter.


Kind of not the best idea that I’ve given birth to, but after adding more flour and a little more baking powder, these babies started to rise. Kind of.



The batch on the left is before I added more flour and baking powder – which basically had to be burned to a crisp trying to cook the un-cookable center.

Just needed a little more gluten flour to make it lovable, I guess.


Honestly though, once you smother anything in butter and maple syrup – it’s fine.

I also made some of our favorite Raisin Delights and tried a new Lara bar recipe.



Which is basically a bar form of Raisin Delights – minus the carob powder and adding some quick cook oatmeal.

Sounds like our kind of thing 🙂


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