Suggestions for Your Body Odor


Disclaimer: I am sharing some of my herbal remedy notes with you – these are just ideas to get you started in your research! I am a good looking human being with a fantastic sense of humor, but I am not a doctor. Copy and paste the name of the suggestion and Google to find out more information!

Here are your suggestions for body odor:

– Arnica cream: use once a week to kill bacteria

– Parsley: eat and drink or take 500 mg a day

– Herbal deodorant recipe:

1 ounce witch hazel
1 ounce sage tincture

In a spray bottle add your liquids +20 drops of your choice of aromatherapy essential oils such as – Bergamont, Rosewood, Lavender, Sandalwood, Teatree, or Rosemary.



d.i.y.friday ~ Lemon Sugar Body Scrub

Everyone usually preps their feet for summer [aka heavy duty exfoliation day]
And know it’s time to do an end of the season de-callousing!

Thank you feet for running us around for all this summer fun,
plowing along through hours of yard work, and putting in your time
being smothered in chlorine water. Prepare to be pampered!!

But let’s not stop at tootsies!!

Elbows, knees, thighs, booties & backs love a good sugar scrub too!
[just be cautious on your pretty face though if you have sensitive skin]


At Home Barre Exercises BFF Recommended

Another great thing about my birthday –


Yes, I am still talking endlessly about that day –

I got to chat it up with my long-dis BFF Liz 🙂 and she was RAVING about the exercise class she’s been going to that’s done wonders for her ahhh… Her ummm… Body part that rhymes with class???

Ding ding ding!!!
That’s right!!
Her ass!!

So in a nutshell – tiny movements equals big results!!

I like 🙂

Try this video & see!

d.i.y.friday ~ Oil Cleansing at Night to Clean Pores


And soften skin.
And moisturize.
And balance your skin’s oil production.
And rid your face of blackheads and pimples.

Using oil to wash your face may sound odd BUT I have been LOVING it!!

I’ve found a couple videos to demonstrate how this is done, but basically:

– Rub oil on your face
– Steam with a hot washcloth
– Buff out with little gentle circles

These girls tell you to use a combo of castor & olive or almond oil.
I personally JUST USE olive oil and am totally satisfied with it.
Would coconut oil work? Probably so ~
Will I try castor oil soon? Umm yeah, of course!
I’m always curious 🙂

So try the oil cleansing method tonight
and let me know what you think!

Suggestions for Your Depression or The Blues


Disclaimer: I am sharing some of my herbal remedy notes with you – these are just ideas to get you started in your research! I am a good looking human being with a fantastic sense of humor, but I am not a doctor. Copy and paste the name of the suggestion and Google to find out more information!

Here are your suggestions for the blues and depression:

– St. John’s wort: 300 mg capsules 3Xday, or 20 to 30 drops of tincture 2 to 3 times a day, or one cup of tea three times a day

– Green Oats: 1 teaspoon tincture in one cup of water two times a day

– Siberian ginseng: 15 drops of tincture or 400 mg in capsules two or three times a day before meals!

– Ginkgo: 80 mg three times a day


d.i.y.friday ~ Spiced Exfoliation with 3 Simple ingredients



Well it’s Friday, and even though I have a really big plans of sitting around in my homeless pajamas watching Girls on HBO – I feel like taking off a layer of dead skin is also important ESPECIALLY with a DIY as EASY as THIS.

Plus, this recipe is also identical to my favorite fat bomb recipe so after I’m done scrubbing my face, I can eat the leftovers.


d.i.y.friday ~ How to Remove Iron Buildup from Your Hair


I absolutely love afternoons spent chit-chatting with a group of mama friends and today, we got talking about having iron in our water supply and the effects it’s having on the appliances, our pets, how it stains the toilet bowl, and just whether or not we should be drinking it at all.  Then, we ultimately touched on the most important topic – OUR HAIR.

And tonight, I was thinking back a decade ago, about a product we sold in the salon that removed build-up, and it dawned on me that THIS could be today’s DIY Friday using natural ingredients! (since it’s personally current and since I didn’t have anything else lined up to blog about lol)

Yeehaw!  So… Look what I found on good ol’ youtube!

A do-it-yourself
using either
lemon juice or
baking soda.

You’re welcome!

You need some motivation to take five minutes to pamper your hair?
Well then, take a look at this –

Don’t be scared, but –
if the iron in the water is doing THAT to the dishwasher…
It has to be doing something to your hair!

Spray on some baking soda or lemon juice & descale your hair!

Again, you’re welcome 😉


d.i.y.friday ~ Face Lifting Exercises You can do at Home


For DIY Friday today – let’s get physically crafty and make our face lift, tone and tighten.

If you’ve been exercising your booty but not your face, it’s time.  Your face has muscles all over it and they are just waiting to be woken up with exercise!  No joke, you will FEEL it and SEE results.  And then when you get lazy and stop doing these simple exercises – you’ll unfortunately notice that difference too lol

So can’t stop, won’t stop, here we go!!

In addition to doing Facercise and Face Yoga, I found this really fun video with a few new moves:

Fun and EASY right??

Bwahahahaha, and because laughing surely has to be the aerobic workout for your face….


You’re welcome!

And if you feel like over-achieving, here ya go!


d.i.y.friday ~ Make Holiday Bath Soaks & Exfoliating Body Scrubs



I am all about handmade holidays, making your own beauty products, and – having soft skin!!

So these diy recipes are simple and sound like they smell so good. I think you should definitely make these gifts for yourself at the start of the Christmas season!

Yes!!! This week be selfish 🙂 Always give to YOU first!!

Lol, it’s just like the oxygen mask on an airplane – how can you help someone else exfoliate if you are a walking callus!!???

ok, I may have just made that up – but seriously, give yourself the gift of a really soft tush this holiday season. You deserve it.

1:26 – Choco-Wow Wake-Up Scrub
3:31 – Rosemary Lemon Spa Soak
8:10 – Gingerbread YUM-ble Scrub
11:05 – Spa Lemon Scrubblebubble

For All People Who Poop from their Butts





I’ve been pooping from my butt for years!

Many thanks given to my friend fAe for bringing this video to my attention!! Gems like this need to be shared with friends & family and all humans who poop from their butts!  And yes, it’s a great homeschool science class addition – yep, the anatomy of the sphincter.  Pooping and ice cream will never be the same (and that’s probably a good thing!)



This awesome rainbow pooping unicorn commercial didn’t convince me to buy a Squatty Potty – WE’VE HAD ONE FOR YEARS!!

But it did, with it’s hilarious adorableness, sure up my inclination to share the feet up when you poop healthy bowel movement message 🙂

Let’s do enjoy this shit once more together, yes?

hahahahaa!!  Best thing ever!!!!