Read Dammit. Facercise

Whaaaaaaa!!!  I. am. so. excited.  Dreg surprised me tonight with the NEW Facercise book!!


It’s written by my beauty idol Carole Maggio who ain’t afraid to warn people; the older they get, the longer & droopier their noses will become.  YES PEOPLE!!  Not only do you need to exercise your butts ‘n bodies but your face needs strengthening too!


See? Look at all the muscles in your face!! This is good news folks, GREAT news – this means, you have the potential to naturally plump your lips, boost your cheekbones, tighten your neck, reduce your chins and open up those eyes!


The exercises really work. You will feel it immediately & in a week, see it.

The trick is just remembering to do it.

Oh, oh here – Here is Carole!  An amazing looking gal in her 60’s!  (i think)


Yeah, I’m fairly certain she’s older than she looks!


Every day I’m going to Exercise, Facercise and do Resistance Stretching!

And in no time at all, I’m sure, I’ll be touching my toes with my pretty face between my knees.




Here’s my BEFORE picture so we can track my progress!!



Now quit being ugly & buy this book! And get your ugly man one too.

Read Dammit. The Genius of Flexibility

So my very tight lower back & hamstrings insisted that I pull this book from the shelf:

The Genius of Flexibility: The Smart Way to Stretch and Strengthen Your Body

Definitely one of those books I’m guilty of letting sit in my good intentions reading pile but have not really given my full attention to – yet!  But with my body screaming pain most of my day & especially when I sit down (no fun for the sewing machine) it really is time to dive into Bob Cooley and Resistance Stretching.



The stretches are really neat – you’re pushing and pulling and contracting and resisting all at the same time and your muscles are loving it.  They are moving.  They are letting go. And, they are getting stronger.

But as I am working my way through the exercises, I find myself rereading the instructions a few times because I seem to be direction-ally challenged (always) so I did finally resort to Youtube for some clarity and found it helpful to see this bodywork in action (see videos at bottom of post)



Besides being in love with idea of regaining my flexibility, Bob Cooley relates all these exercises and stretches to emotions and personality traits and to specific organs.  Want to increase your ability to express gratitude?  Try the Seesaw at Wall stretch, page 150.  Want to improve the health of your small intestine and increase cerebrospinal fluid movement up your spine?  Try the Infinity stretch, page 102.  Liver health?  Lateral Bend, page 90. Increase self-esteem and dismantle narcissistic behaviors – page 146.



The only downer for me with this book – is that you will kinda need a friend or 2 to do the assisted stretches…

Kids!  Mama Bear needs you to push on her legs.  Resistance little ones – resist!!  I know you are good at it!!


Special thanks to Luther Cowden from for having such user friendly how-to videos about resistance stretching!!  They helped bring this book to life for me, crazy love them!

Read Dammit. Retro Baking

This has got to be one of thee most adorable cookbooks, ever.











Everyone seems to think their grandma bakes the best biscuits on the block, but are they prizewinners? Ever wonder how to perfect that county fair, blue-ribbon apple pie? Wonder no more. The results are in—and RETRO BAKING is the winner! One hundred of America’s favorite baked goods are presented in their nostalgic glory, with vintage illustrations to match, in this latest Retro series book. Everything from tarts to dinner rolls has been selected for its universal deliciousness and award-winning appeal. Inspired by company sponsored contests and small-town bake-offs, these scrumptious recipes are tested, tasted, and time-honored. Your next attempt at three-layer frosted greatness is sure to turn out perfectly with the help of decades of baking experience. So dig out the apron, dust off the oven mitt, and discover your prizewinning potential!

Read Dammit. a greener Christmas

I haven’t posted for awhile. Nothing new there. And I’ve been boycotting Facebook & Twitter for a personal social detox. Nothing new there either I guess, as I regularly crawl back under my Coolspring Rock and reclaim myself, my house and dammit. my reading time!


I know i know I’m suppose to be absorbing myself in turkey crafts and gratitude trees that express everything I’m thankful for, but this year, Thanksgiving just feels like a stepping stone to Christmas.  Anyone else in a hurry to get merry??

I am loving!! this library found book – a greener Christmas by Sheherazade Goldsmith – and have bookmarked so many craft pages, decorating ideas and oh man, like almost every recipe in here, I may have to put it on my Amazon wishlist or at least Pinterest 🙂

It’s good.  REALLY good.











Umm hello!!  Felt slippers?  Festive birds? Parsnip crisps? a greener Christmas?

Count me in!!