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Comic :: Vitamix 0

Comic :: Vitamix

  It’s Merry Merry time for Sadie @allnaturalme !! She’s been asking & law of attraction has been delivering! And really BIG this time with a super duper Vitamix!! Oh thank you thank you...

Mama Bliss 2

Mama Bliss

As if Sadie wasn’t already aware of the crazy moment and her lack of soule-mama-ness… Dreg drives the nail in a little deeper with his ultimate bliss wishlist. That’s fine of course, because we...

Dreg Hearts Farscape 2

Dreg Hearts Farscape

Sadie is always happy when the homepage has been updated, even though this time, she’s not sure exactly what all this means…. What’s Farscape again? ¬†Oh yeah, the best show ever according to Dreg....