Comic – Wrapping Woes – by Ayden

My son made this comic for me tonight… It’s pretty clear to old mum what’s up.

I guess I better let this kid help with the Santa wrapping this year. He’s been begging & ya know? I could use the help! I am going to still do my best to surprise him with something though! (Very hard to keep secrets around here with junior detective)

Good comic skills Ayden!!

Dreg Hearts Farscape

Sadie is always happy when the homepage has been updated, even though this time, she’s not sure exactly what all this means….

What’s Farscape again?  Oh yeah, the best show ever according to Dreg.

And the way Dreg’s been acting, she’s wondering if the next family vacation might be coincidently scheduled during the same time and location of the next Farscape Convention.