d.i.y.friday ~ How to Knit a Simple Turtleneck Sweater Vest

This week on my instagram page,
I unleashed the show ‘n tell pics
of the knitted sweater vests
I made for the little bears!

Yes. They were completely thrilled
to receive these handmade lovlies.

And now you can make your family
as HAPPY as I made mine!!

First thing first,
You need to know how to knit.

Here’s a great tutorial
to get you started!!

Wow! She really makes it simple huh?

Great! So now you know how to knit!! Cool!!

Now I am going to send you away for the pattern
because it is not my own but –

it’s so easy.

For all three sections
(front, back and neck)
You just cast on 47 stitches
and then knit to the length that suits you.

When you’ve got your 3 sections finished,
Sew them together with your yarn.
Great tutorials how to do that
over at Wool and the Gang!!

I used Hometown Bulky yarn
Size 10 needles

To make this vest smaller,
You can cast on less for smaller sized front & backs
but still keep the neck at 47 stitches
So you can get it over their heads.

Learned this the hard way!!!

Click the picture below for the pattern:

Although, lol, maybe I should mention
it’s not in English!

Don’t let that stop you!!

Just copy and paste
Translate Tool


Happy Knitting!!!

Much love,  Sadie


d.i.y.friday ~ Make Natural Face Cream with vanilla bean & lavender!

This face cream should come with a warning
because it will smell so good!!!


Lavender & Vanilla bean Face Cream
– 1 1/2 tbsp wax http://www.iherb.com/frontier-natural…
– 1/2 cup distilled water
– 10 drops lavender essential oil http://www.iherb.com/now-foods-essent…
– 1 tsp drops calendula oil
– 1 tsp vitamin e oil http://www.iherb.com/rexall-sundown-n…
– 3 tbsp coconut oil
– 6 tbsp almond or avocado oil http://www.iherb.com/now-foods-soluti…
– 1/2 vanilla pods beans

Melt the oils and wax together. Pour into a blender and allow to cool to room temperature -choose a cool place in the house to do this – then add vanilla beans and put the blender on high speed. Drip the water in slowly over a couple of minutes and then you will notice it thickens into a nice cream. Pour into clean dry jar/s and store in cool dry place X

d.i.y.friday ~ Homemade Natural Bath Set

Homemade bath and beauty products are easy to make and serve as wonderful gifts – especially with Christmas coming up. I like that I can make them natural and cruelty free, avoid excess consumerism, and personalize the set to peoples tastes. Lots of mainstream beauty products are full of detrimental chemicals, many scented candles actually contain fragrances that are toxic when they burn – so it’s great to be able to create safer alternatives.


Homemade natural bath/beauty set recipes

Spiced Bath bombs:
– 1/2 cup baking soda
– 1/4 cup citric acid
– 1 1/2 tsp vanilla extract – sprayed
– 1/2 tsp almond oil
– 5 drops cinnamon oil
– star anise /clove powder

Mini vanilla candles – recycling tea light cases
– wax – fill each case + 1 tsp
– 1 inch vanilla beans or vanilla essential oil
– candle wicks
– 10 drops cinnamon essential oil

Bath salts
– 1/4 cup sea salt
– 2 tbsp epsom salts
– 1 tbsp baking soda
– pieces of cinnamon quill / anise / clove / vanilla pod

Body scrub
– 1/4 cup brown sugar
– 1 tbsp course salt
– 1 tbsp coconut oil
– vanilla extract
– cinnamon scroll chopped

Bath melts /body bars
– 1 tbsp coconut oil
– 2 tbsp shea butter http://www.iherb.com/now-foods-soluti…
– 1/2 Tbsp wax http://www.iherb.com/frontier-natural…
– 1 inch vanilla pods beans
– cinnamon sprinkle

I hope you enjoyed this video ?

d.i.y.friday ~ Homemade, Natural & Healthy Christmas Presents!

Natural, Healthy & Homemade Gift Ideas!!
These DIY Christmas presents are really easy and so much fun to make!
They are made from all good ingredients and will be sure to put
a smile on the face of whoever you give them too!!



Jars/some type of container
Soy wax
Wicks (+ some glue)
Essential oils to scent the candles (I used lavender, peppermint and orange)
Decorations (food coloring and items to put in the candles. I used pieces of orange peel, dried lavender and some lingonberries. I think adding crushed candy cane to the peppermint candle would be really cute, but I could find any anywhere..)

Pumpkin/Christmas Spice

1/4 cup Cinnamon
1 tsp Ginger
1 tsp Cardamom
1 tsp Nutmeg
1 tsp Cloves

Taco Spice Mix
3 tsp Paprika powder
3 tsp Cumin
2 tsp Coriander
2 tsp Garlic
1 tsp Cumin seeds
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Chili

Tikka Masala Mix
3 tsp Cumin
2 tsp Coriander
2 tsp Garam masala
2 tsp Curry powder
1 tsp Turmeric
1 tsp Chili
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp Pepper
A few curry leaves
5 Cardamom pods
8 Whole cloves

1/2 cup white sugar
2 tbsp coconut oil
10-15 drops of peppermint essential oil

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All Natural Cleaning Recipes

All you really need to know is Baking Soda and Vinegar!! Pair these guys up with essential oils and natural based soap and you are ready to give your home an aromatic cleaning you will both appreciate!

ROSEMARY SOFT SCRUBBER ~ Great for bathrooms!

1/2 cup Baking Soda
1/8 cup liquid vegetable-based soap
10 drops Rosemary essential oil

MIX up then Scrub the crud!

The next homemade recipe:


1 cup white vinegar
25 drops Tea Tree essential oil

Spray on ~ go put your feet up for 10 minutes ~ wipe or just spray it and leave it!


Fill your spray bottle up with naturally disinfecting white vinegar along with a good squeeze of natural dish soap and 20+ drops of your favorite essential oils. Lemon, Pine or Clove are great!! Spray on counters, table, high chair and greasy messes!


In a spray bottle add:
1/2 cup white vinegar
2 cups of water
1/2 teaspoon or less of natural dish soap
5 to 10 drops essential oil of LEMON, ORANGE or GRAPEFRUIT essential oils


Brace yourself for this genius breakthrough…
Get a bottle, fill it with water, add naturally disinfecting essential oils,
shake it and spray it….. wow.

Use single oils alone such as Lavender, Sweet Orange, or Clove or make complimenting combinations such as Patchouli~Rose or a Citrus Blast with Grapefruit, Lemon, Orange and Lime! Make an air purifying sick room spray of Eucalyptus, Thyme and Lemon.


In a glass jar with a tight lid combine equal parts of baking soda and dried Lavender flowers.
To remove the stinkers, Sprinkle this mixture on your carpet. Let it sit for at
least an hour, then vacuum.


1/4 cup Dry Thyme
1/4 cup Whole Cloves

Combine and separate into clothes bags to put in drawers, chests,
or to hang in closets.

All recipes are all natural, smell fresh and are very effective.

Happy Cleaning!