Eco-Craft: Newspaper Bags

My friend Mary recently sent me an awesome bag made out of newspaper. It got even better when I learned it helped support a nonprofit in India that is helping keep kids off the street. Whoo hoo fair trade!

And in the process of trying to find the link to the children’s effort, I found a nifty site called Moogsmum, so now you can get your crafty hands on a eco-delicious craft like this.  AND, because I love posting pictures of people who look like me…




Get Crafty!!

Organize Your Recipes with Folders


What to do with all those fabulous recipes that you’ve ripped from the magazines?? If this is part of your kitchen clutter, here’s an easy way to curb it in the arse real quick with simply using labeled folders.  My favorite one to fill up is “Sweets”, which is super thick compared to the not-so established habit of mine, “Main Dishes”.  Sorry Dreg!!  I AM working on it!!

haha  🙂

How to Make Hot Carob Cocoa Concentrate

Timer Saver! Prepare an easy concentrate to simplify your cocoa making needs that the kids love.

First, heat up a bit of water in a pan to add powdered cocoa and carob powder too. I added a lot because we like it rich and went with dark cocoa powder as well. Add a packet of stevia sweetner and 1/2 cup or less of sugar.

Spice it up with cinnamon and vanilla. Cayenne pepper if you’re feeling it. Store in a glass container in the fridge.

When it’s cocoa time, add a small amount to pan along with desired amount of milk, heat and serve.

Pretty good stuff!!