Water Your Houseplants Wednesday

Today is the day to take care
of your green friends!

Give them a nice drink of water
and thank them for the oxygen they provide.

Water Your Houseplants Wednesday!

Today I added some kefir whey to
the water for added nutrients. 

What’s your favorite natural diy
plant fertilizer to enrich your plants?

How to Make Edible Sprouts [Free Seed Giveaway!]

Every week you get a chance to win free seeds at allnaturalme.seedsnow.com/pages/win and this week the seeds to be given away are Alfalfa Sprouts!! (the crowd goes wild)


Alfalfa is one of the healthiest and easiest sprouts you can grow!

– Extremely high in protein, calcium, plus other minerals and vitamins in the B group, vitamin C, vitamin E, and vitamin K.

– Alfalfa is extremely easy to grow.

– All organic. All natural.


How to Grow Sprouts

The easiest method is to grow sprouts in a Mason jar. To provide plenty of fresh air, cover the top with the mesh screen.

Step One: Soaking

For a quart-sized jar, put 1 ½ to 2 tablespoons of small seeds (up to 1 cup if using larger seeds like green peas or garbanzo) in the sprouting jar. Cover top of jar with cloth or sprouting lid and rinse the seeds in warm (not hot) water. Drain and refill so that water is about an inch above the seeds. Let the seeds soak 8-12 hours (overnight). Protect from light by covering with a dish towel or placing in a cupboard.

Step Two: Rinsing

Rinse 2 to 3 times per day for 2 to 3 days. After thoroughly draining the rinse water, lay the jar on its side to spread out the seeds. Do not expose to light. After 2 to 3 days the sprouts should be filling up the jar.

Things to Remember:

1. Rinse often (2-3 times/day).

2. Keep them moist, not wet.

3. Keep them at room temperature.

4. Give them air to breathe.

5. Don’t grow too many in one container.

6. Keep them in a dark place.


And then BOOM – Sprouts!!!


CedarCide Natural Bug Repellent Product Review

Recently, I was asked by Cedarcide (a family owned business in Texas)
to try out one of their Cedar oil bug repellent sprays.

I said sure!  I’ve always loved the smell of cedarwood –
makes me think of the cedar box that was given to everyone in my graduating class (you too?)

Anyways, I wasn’t actually expecting any wow moment with this product because
I have had essential oil of Cedarwood in my aromatherapy cabinet for years.

HOWEVER. I seriously could not believe the potency of this product!  
It is the most intense amount of Cedarwood ever –
no wonder it is for not only repelling but killing the bugs as well.

All natural and safe for kids and pets – Awesome!!!

I have sprayed this on the dog, on the kids, on myself, on the couch and –
they totally do not advertise this as a product use,
but I have fallen in love with it for it’s ability to
eliminate stinky odors in the garbage can and everyone’s stank shoes!

I really have become quite fond of this product!!

Be sure to visit their website Cedarcide.com for more Cedarwood oil based products!

Botanical Explorers: The Fruitful Forest

A couple weeks ago, I discovered on youtube that the flowers growing in my backyard are called Jerusalem Artichokes AND I can eat them. Well, actually, the tubers that grow in the soil from the plant is what I will be harvesting and munching on here in the Fall.


Anyways, I was super excited that the guy who made the enlightening video, Anthony, confirmed this about my Sunchoke flowers because I had been feeling like there was more to these gigantic yellow flowers!! The video he made was almost like a mini-movie too – like this dude had some serious artsy editing skills or something!

Okay, so this shows you what I know (or don’t know lol) – last night, youtube tells me he’s uploaded a new video so I check it out and he’s talking about a documentary he made (which explains his videography awesomeness from the artichoke experience) and the full movie is on vimeo for us to watch! And it’s about plants – with fruit – in the jungle! So I’m intrigued of course because the other videos I’ve watched of him talking about his garden ARE DELIGHTFUL to watch. They’ve all had this energy – Like hipster chill fantastic good vibrations that make you satisfied you saw it – good energy!

So I shot on over to Vimeo & happily devoured the entire thing…

WOW!! Super duper f’n cool is all that I can say about this jungle adventure!!

Here’s the full movie!!

Botanical Explorers: The Fruitful Forest (Full Movie) from Hundredth Hominid Productions on Vimeo.

Anthony also mentioned on youtube that he’s fundraising on Indiegogo for a new camera to make more documentaries.

Gosh, he’s really good at it!! I can’t wait to see more someday 🙂

The link to donate if you can is www.indiegogo.com/projects/new-video-camera-for-documentaries#/story or please post about it on social media to support!

Also, be sure to share my blog post so people can watch the documentary here with me! I may just let it play on repeat today to hear those delicious latin names again & again!!

So many lessons in this flick – AND just soooo interesting!! New unseen fruits, seeds, medicine…

And the brothers in this movie lol

I think you’ll like it!

Here’s the official movie description:

There are over 20,000 Species of Edible plants on the planet, but Humans use only about 20 Species to provide 90% for our food. So why do we Utilize so little when there is so much? Joseph Simcox, a passion driven Food Plant Ecologist has traveled to over 100 countries, finding, documenting & eating all the plants we don’t use. From the deep jungles of Papua New Guinea To the vast deserts of Namibia Africa, he sheds light on the extraordinary wonders of the edible plant world. In this Film Joe meets up with his brother Patrick Simcox in Peru, along with there team, and ventures deep into the Amazon Jungle to document, eat, & shed light on a small fraction of some the most amazing things nature has to offer. Come along on the Adventure!
For more Info Visit: explorewithjoseph.com
Shot & Edited By: Anthony B. Rodriguez

The Broccoli is ON!!


Just went out in the garden and saw that WE HAVE BROCCOLI ~ wowzers!!

Better get it cut off so it can sprout more out on the sides 🙂

Did you grow broccoli this year?

Thinking about a Fall crop…


I also NEED to order more lettuce seeds!

xoxo, Sadie


Got Mushroom Compost at the Punxy Mill

The girls and I took a ride today to the Punxsy Mill to pick up a truckload of mushroom compost.    

$30 a scoop 


This should be plenty for the beds that I have right now – to give them a nutrient boost and to make the cold-weather crops worth planting (since I assume the soil has become rather depleted) 


Yep, it smells stinky. 

But the dog doesn’t seem to mind –


In other news, I’ve laid cardboard down on a nice chunk of the yard to kill the grass – for more food growing! 


Alright now – Time to get back outside to finish shoveling the shroom poo 🙂 I’m not even half way done lol 

Win Free Seeds ~ Homemade Pickles Cucumber

I think you are fairly familiar with homemade cucumber pickles made with vinegar, but did you know you can make them with a salt brine that will actually be better for your gut health?

Let me have Tom explain:

How to Make Lacto-Fermented Vegetables from Whole Life Nutrition on Vimeo.

Tom the Nutritionist shows how to make lacto-fermented vegetables without whey, using only a salt brine. With only a few minutes of prep time and a week of fermentation you’ll have sour, salty, crunchy vegetables full of beneficial microorganisms to keep your gut healthy and immune system calm.

Now you can even do this with just cucumbers for pickles or have a look at Nourishing Meals for vegetable and spice suggestions!

And as always – the best cucumbers are organic and grown yourself!!



Cucumber, Homemade Pickles

(100% Heirloom/Non-Hybrid/Non-GMO)

  • The Homemade Pickles variety is one of the best cucumber varieties you can grow to make your own home-grown pickles.- Extremely strong plant – resistant to common cucumber diseases– Produces a large amount of delicious small to medium sized cucumbers on a compact vine- Produces a lot over a long season

    – Ideal for container gardening and for anyone with limited growing space!


And for the next 3 days (hurry hurry) You can enter to win a free pack of the seeds!  Click my face!!!


Thank YOU for participating and Happy Cucumbering!!