Affirmation :: Divine Order

Divine order is ever present in my experience, and there is plenty of time for all that I choose to do.

I express wisdom, understanding, and love in all my dealings with others; and my words are Divinely guided. I see myself expressing the creative energy of Spirit in my work, writing and speaking words of truth easily and with a depth of understanding and wisdom.

Fun, uplifting ideas flow through my consciousness for joyful expression, and I follow through on the ideas received, bringing them into full manifestation.

~ Louise L. Hay

Embracing | Domestic Goddess


Today, there is much to do ~ shopping for food, making good things to eat, starting yogurt, drying herbs, making homemade body powder, toothpaste & lip balm, feeding everyone again, cleaning, fostering education in the young, smiling, cleaning again…

Love any inspiration that reminds me it can all be enjoyed & handled with grace ~–joanne-os-kelly/

Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal for a Mama Friend


Every day… there must at least be 5 things that you love, that you appreciate and make your heart sing.

Write them down on focused paper, relish in the inner loving, swim in that feeling.


Create a book from your heart, a book that sings gratitude, that captures your bliss.

A Grateful Goddess Appreciation Journal is just that.

A place to recognize the splendor, the grace, the giving, the receiving, and the beauty that flows within you.

There is so much of it, every day, and it is so nice to take some time, sit down and be conscious of the moments.

The moments are yours ~ and when you have a book filled with nothing but bliss, you will be amazed at the collection. It may just be your most cherished book. And for certain, it will be an amazing reference, if perhaps, you are looking for a lift.


This special goddess & journal are traveling to a friend ~



With lots of love, appreciation and good energy…


Much Metta Mama!!




~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~


And she got it!!


Farmgirl Goddess at Heart

Farmgirl is a condition of the heart… a lovely saying from Mary Jane’s Farm and an idea easily embraced.   I also agree with them when they say that it doesn’t matter WHERE you live but HOW you live.


My mama friend gave me a stack of Mary Jane’s Farm magazines to check out and I’ve been LOVING the inspiration. Really REALLY good stuff.


Good reminders, ideas, heart talk, sisterhood support and oh my, anything that inspires me to draw a goddess again is a very good thing for me indeed. We all appreciate a nudge in the direction of staying connected with ourselves, our earth, our creativity, our community… and, our farmgirl-ness.


In this particular issue, I’ve been drooling over the idea of making homemade sourdough bread. Now that we’ve completely laid-off our gluten-free quest, and are eating wheat again, I really should get back to baking the good stuff. And it sounds like creating your own starter with sourdough is the best way to go because you will be using natural yeasts from the air instead of one manufactured strain.


Oh my oh yes, I need to do this ~ and for the love ~ I really need one of those cast iron pots with a lid!!


Delicious inspiration on every page of that magazine ~ Farmgirl Sisterhood at its best.


And I think about all the farmgirls I’m blessed to know, and the appreciation flows.


Whatcha Wanting {being}


*Knowing Your Desires Helps Manifest Them*

(a self-portrait/wish-list type of thing)

I am wanting to just be. I want to release my worries, plans, agendas and even my domestic duties for a bit and just practice being.

Fully accept everything as it is. Be right here right now. Just linger in the now moment enjoying the joy and gratitude in my heart.

Stay present, stay in appreciation and stay in…