Outside Days 

Finally – knitting – outside!!!    

I have really enjoyed this springtime weather. It’s nice to have a warm March!

After my third day of chicken poop duty, I decided to just chillax at the playground with the kids (after I planted some pea seeds, spinach, and some brassicas) (oh, and picked up dog turds in the yard)!

Rain & springing cleaning will happen soon enough 🙂 Yes, now it is time to relax and knit! 

Appreciating My Chickens

Most often, I do not praise my chickens very much because they cost way too much to feed and do not lay regular eggs.  

Generally they are just worthless freeloaders!!

But today, I’ve got to give them some credit – for all the shit – literally! 

I shoveled chicken poop dirt all afternoon and, well, I am impressed!!!  

I am literally amazed at the quality of manure/dirt that was under the layer of poopy hay. Black freaking gold. 

Really big props to the chickens for the free fertilizer!  I can’t tell you how pleased I am to get this crap on the garden 🙂

(Spotted a favorite herb, Chervil)


Eat up you pig!

Product Review: PL360 for Pet Lovers Everywhere

Many thanks to PL360 for sending me Vanilla Oatmeal foaming shampoo, multi-surface cleaning wipes, and mandarin grooming wipes for Boom Boom ~ the products are lovely and Boomers appreciates smelling better (as do i) AND the cleaning wipes are super handy for wiping paw marks off the door and grabbing hair off the baseboards!


Boomer has given me LOTS of opportunities to clean up after him 🙂

Let’s take a visit to pl360pet.com  Here’s my video trip to their website:

So much fun showing this products off to my camera shy mama friends!

Omg, we are hilarious!

And finally – the weather warmed up enough to give this beast a bath!!


MUST happen today!! #stinkydog #blacklab #pl360 @pl360pet

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Giving a dog a bath and trying to do a little recording is harder than you think!!

Fun tho!!

#doggiebath @pl360pet ? WOW!! This #PetShampoo smells amazing ?? Excited to do a #BlogReview @allnaturalme ??

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Thanks again to PL360 for the chance to review – Boomer & I totally approve!!


What I’m wearing today 

Oh my gosh you guys! I’m having so much fun with this app called Stuff n Style! (although just between you and me – I think it would’ve sounded better called style n stuff lol)

It’s a wardrobe organizer that I think could be a very useful tool if you were trying to downsize your clothing, finding new ways to wear your existing clothes, or if you are becoming interested in a minimalist capsule French wardrobe!

This could totally help you get a new perspective ~

Of course, if you are just ocd psychotic and feel like micromanaging your closet – this app is also great for you too!

Stuff N Style Closet Organizer App by Hung Nguyen

So since I am notorious for wearing the same outfit three or four days in a row – perhaps next week, if I decide to put on a new batch of real clothes, I’ll do this again!
Update: OMG, there’s a web version! Stuffnstyle.com

Today’s My Grandpa’s Birthday

I think he’d be 88. 

Yeah, pretty sure (math time)
cuz he was 75, and Ayden
was just born and now
I have a 13 year old, so…

See kids!
Grown ups do actually use math 🙂
just not algebra!

Anyways, in case you’re wondering
where I genetically get my
good Italian looks, here ya go ~


Mr. Tony Cherico! 

Thanks for the sturdy legs! 

They come in very handy
while chasing after your 3!!!
Great Grandchildren 🙂 

Miss & love you!! 


Happy Birthday!! 

Finally, Snow 

We ALWAYS have fun on our Ali B play dates, but seriously – this one was the best because it was in SNOW! Finally!!!

The kids were more than happy to put their snowsuits on and grab their sleds!! And as usual, not quite as happy to sit still for a pic – but – we managed to capture a few!



Really really fun!!! 

And then we, mostly Alison, built the cutest snowman 🙂 (maybe, snowwoman!)


Snow Styling!!!!! 

5 days into the New Year and I don’t give a 

Yeah, so I hear it’s 2016 and I guess you haven’t heard much of anything from me!  

I’m wondering if it’s possible that I tried to overachieve my New Year’s resolutions last year and so then this year, I didn’t make any – well except maybe to blink my eyes more (lol, don’t ask)

I definitely needed a little holiday hiatus – after the holiday – and so I have been enjoying myself, submerging into housework, hanging out with my sweethearts, knitting up a storm, and…. Yep, that’s about it!

And then this week, we started back with our homeschool studies – A little rusty after the break! But, we all soon settled in to our deliberately defiant ways, and got some things checked off our lists 🙂 

The karaoke machine from grandma Cara has come in very handy for reading aloud (and singing Flo Rida) 

Love these times ~ 

Elaine’s New Haircut

When my daughter refused to brush her hair last night before bed, I told her “fine, but I would be combing through it tomorrow to get ALL the knots out, or – that we could chop it all off.”

Today, after about 30 seconds of the detangling process, she decided that a haircut would be nice.

So that’s what we did – chop chop chop!! And Elaine is LOVING her new do!


Really cute!!! I love watching her revel in her new look ~ Looking good Ebear! 

So in other news, the girls are now the proud owners of a large box!  

And apparently, they say, it’s EXACTLY what they wanted for Christmas!! 

Holy moly Daddy!! Send the tablets back!! We already nailed it 🙂



Life is good! Xoxo 

And just like that, Ready for Xmas 


Put up a tree – take all evening to decorate it – throw up some lights – put some Santas here and there – and then tie some jingle bells around the dogs neck…

We are ready for Christmas!!! 


 Season’s Greetings from Boomer & Family!!   
Oh crap. I just realized from looking at these pictures, that I forgot to put the bows on the Christmas tree… 

Dang it!!!! 

I’m not ready!!! 

Oh well – I guess it will give me something to blog about tomorrow!!  Updated pics of the the tree WITH BOWS will be on the way lol 🙂 

Marlie’s 7th Birthday 

What a Great day for Marlie bear!! 

Mama bear is still recovering (days later lol) but managed to capture quite a few cute moments of the birthday girl!!

Of course we started the celebration before breakfast – we don’t waste one minute of birthdays in this house!


Marlie loved all her gifts and cards – her favorite was from Uncle Anthony and Aunt Diane and I’m pretty sure you can see why!

Marlie & Winnie the Pooh got new plush friends to hang out with from grandma Cara!

And she decided to take her birthday money to buy 3 little fishes for her new fish tank!! Pretty exciting!! 

The goldfish cost less than a dollar for all of them – but everything that the goldfish needed (decorations and fish necessities) was well over $30 lol 

We ended the day with birthday cake! 

I found a recipe for gluten free brownies using almond meal, melted dark chocolate, sweetened with honey – and it was awesome!!! Frosting is whipped cream cheese, butter, and honey. 

Really fun! 

Happy Birthday Marlie!!!  

Happy birthday dear Marlie ?????

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And we also want to thank our family neighbor friends Melinda & the boys for stopping over to help celebrate!! I never got a group picture but I can hear all of you in this video!! lol

Come on birthday girl!!! #piñata #dontholdback

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