Painting the Walls and Not Going Crazy

As I stood in front of our former schoolroom that now represented my own personal episode of “Hoarders”, I realized that the only thing on my to do list was – to not go crazy.

I don’t even ever have to pick up a paintbrush – we have contractors – but I do need to make it a top priority to settle down.

Oh! and the challenge is there to not go super nuts when you combine four rooms into another room! (that already had its own ridiculous amount of stuff)


Now don’t get me wrong – I am totally totally in love love love with the idea of fresh paint on the walls that will brighten the house and seal in the lead! This is important to do!!

But there’s just something that happens internally to me when I look at this room jam packed full of stuff and wrestle with my own judgment of it all.

What do I really need? What do I look at that I truly find beautiful & necessary and makes my heart sing? What could be let go? What am I lugging around only out of obligation? What is all this craft show stuff? Do I even want to be doing that anymore?? OMG – LOOK AT ALL THIS BULLSHIT!!! WHERE IS MY MATCH!!!???? JUST TORCH IT ALREADY!!!!

I quickly go from sensible to pyro.

This morning I randomly found a new blog by searching for soaked flour noodle recipes & and found Avivah Werner in a similar situation of trying to clean her house to sell it.

visit her site

After reading her post, I commented on her blog:

This reminder is so true for me this week – we have contractors in the house to do painting so literally the entire house is tore up!! And I need to settle (my head) down bad!!! And go with the flow 🙂 and see the opportunities that lie in the chaos lol

I really do want to deep clean and Declutter and reduce my attachment to stuff ~ so what better way then to completely clear out a room and put it back fresh!!

Thank you & Enjoy preparing your space!!

Ahh! Don’t you just love it when you are randomly looking websites for a soaked flour noodle recipe and you synchronistically come across a similarly related post to your life and you comment on it and you end up saying something that you needed to hear for yourself and BOOM! it’s like wow! personal breakthrough!!!

Yes? maybe? No? Haha, my friend Ann Marie would know ~ she’s selling her house and cleaning like a psycho pants lol

She even hit her cleanliness mark and found herself bored, looking for something to do… A blog Ann, yes – that’s what you should do, start a blog!

Alright alright – maybe that’s just me trying to keep in touch with friends without the use of Facebook. (I quit it again) But seriously, she would make a really great blogger.

Alright – well, I guess I should go & get ready before the painting guys get here again nice and early early earlier than I usually get up…

Which is also maybe a very good thing for me? Look here I am blogging at six in the morning, granted lots of run-on sentences… but here I am!!!

Little Pumpkins


Good Morning!! Waiting for my 3 lil pumpkins to wake ~ but I have been thoroughly enjoying my quiet mama time to write!

Today, focus on one thing going right in your life. Think about it obsessively. Love it, milk it, and create/attract MORE of it!!

Only think about that which you love ~

Me : exhausted


Exhaustion for me is when my attention/energy is pulled in too many directions and I can’t decide on one idea/task/chore/project/activity.

No focus = no fuel

BEST REMEDY: gather the feeling of sweet appreciation in my heart & then go spit spot to bed with intentions of waking with clarity and energy with lots of zest for a new day which includes this amazing high flying stamina to keep chugging all day strong, full of purpose!

Happy happy happy!

How to Become Present


Close your eyes and take three of the deepest slowest most controlled breaths, Open your eyes and continue breathing in such a way allowing everything to empty out (mentally) And at the same time allowing everything to rush in (spiritually)

You really have to keep practicing to be present, to be aware, to be here, to be calm, to be happy, to be peace, to be love.

Unwanted thoughts come in – let them go. Unwanted thoughts come in – giggle and say, you again? Unwanted thoughts will come in less and less the more positive thoughts you think intentionally.

Sometimes when you’re in a good place of alignment, negative thoughts creep in just to give you the opportunity to say goodbye to those buggers from a good feeling place.

It’s a good thing.