sadie2015chart aka WATER YOGA FACE WRITE CHART


This right here is my handy dandy checklist chart to help me follow my 2015 goals and resolutions.

My intentions are to drink more water, do yoga, wash my face twice a day with some facial exercises, and always, every day, write in my grateful goddess appreciation journal.

Until I score some of those little shiny gold sticker stars, I will be X-ing off the water droplets and icons as I go about my day.

So just in case there is another special girl out there interested in drinking more water, doing her yoga, washing her face twice a day, and making sure to write down her daily gratitude, here is the chart that you can print for free:


Abraham Hicks – Sara – Book One


I’m so excited to have a copy of this book! It’s like Law of Attraction for Littles ūüôā

It’s an interesting story about a young girl named Sara and a wise owl named Solomon who teaches her how to create the happy life she wants. Many many many lessons in this book for owl of us (snicker) and definitely the type of book you want to share with everyone!

While I was reading along, I took notes of vocabulary words and listed questions to stimulate discussion and/or writing.

Directions: Read the chapter, do the workpage – boom – done – lesson plan!

Download – Sara Book One Workpages


Affirmation: Healing Your Body

Sharing my notes with you!

Affirmations for Healing & Body Pain

Affirmations are better feeling thoughts to think to improve your body.

Lie down & read them – breathing & relaxing. That’s all you have to do to let your body do it’s thing. That’s the best advice – just get out of your own way and let your body heal like it already knows how to do.

Brace yourself, I’m about to be blunt – but we really tend to screw ourselves with negative thinking. So if you can just plop your ass down for awhile (or the night) and think/say/sing some positive thoughts first, your body will benefit from these good feelings.

Everything is energy. Everything is vibration.

Raise yours!!

If my notes resonate with you (and yes, you may print them out) Then by all means, you MUST READ the book where I found them!!

Collage idea for Pinterest

Oh Pinterest family, eat your heart out.

Pinning to our virtual boards, is oh, so so fun. But how about a way to collect all our offline ideas – magazine clippings, color inspirations, foodie to-do’s – what about putting all those together in a scrapbooky collage type of way, SCANNING it & then Pinning that baby onto your Pinterest board?

Yea! Fun!

Or, please take my idea collage and print it out on cardstock to hang for inspiration in your kitchen or beside your desk (transforming it now into a day-dream while you should be working board – yes!).

We need to keep our ideas close sometimes – it reminds us of our goals, intentions & aspirations and of the new things we want to work into our lives because truly, we live to create!

Lots of love,