Homeschool Tinker Crate 

Look what we got in the mail this week!

It’s a hands on activity box called Tinker Crate that we are going to incorporate into our weekly homeschool lessons. 

This month’s theme is all about hands and we will be making a mechanical moving hand along with some movable puppets. 

What a great idea!! I’m loving the Tinkerzine 🙂 And, Tinker Crate makes it so fun to learn STEM, science, mechanics & physics! 

Homeschool with DiscoveryK12

Today we started our 2016-2017 homeschool year!

Two in second and one in eighth –
I think Mama is gonna be on her toes for sure!

We always do a combination of approaches, and this year, our afternoons will include a FREE online curriculum called Discovery K12


It covers all required subjects plus spanish, html coding, healthy living and personal finance.

I created the following worksheets for the kids to take notes and keep track of their reading log. This also helps them email me at the end of the lessons to tell me what they’ve learned.

Printables for DiscoveryK12 kids:


All and all, it was a super good first day for us!!

Field trip to Punxsutawney 

We ventured out for our Friday homeschool play-date/co-op to visit the  Punxsutawney Weather Discovery Center!

And the weather today in Pennsylvania, if you’re wondering,  was seriously freezing cold at 33°


It’s always fun to visit – we get a great tour and we love to hear about the history of the building and of course, all the weather displays.


Getting your picture taken as an inner circle member IS a MUST.


Giving it a go as a weather forecaster?  YOU BET.



A little trivia quiz?  We tried our best 🙂

The visit was not complete without stirring up a few storms!!

#Punxy #weathercenter

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They were also sweet enough to set up the Saturday Science activities a day early for us, so the kids got to do this really cool science experiment with milk, food dye, and dawn dish soap to demonstrate how molecules move.

Super cool!


And everyone knows, you can’t visit Punxsy without visiting the Phil the groundhog!

Everyone was a thumb’s up (except Elaine) to go visit the weather mascot in his library home.

She’s behind the statue.  I didn’t forget her at the weather center.

While we were at the library, I inspired (demanded, forced) the kids to do these field trip worksheets:


All & all – it was a really great day!

Right Ayden??

Many thanks to my mama friend Ann for the company and adventure today!!

Please visit her Etsy Shop & support a homeschool mama bear today!  Her lip balm and eye pillows are the bomb-diggity.  That means really awesome sauce.  Err, SUPER DUPER NICE 🙂

simple goods


These homeschool days…


There are so many aspects to schooling your children at home – but one of them certainly is unexpected shenanigans.

Ayden and I have a math routine with the teaching textbooks curriculum where he does his online lesson first and then will teach me the lesson with the written workbook.

This usually happens without too much theatrics, but today, he decided to only exclusively use the “honest trailer” voice.

It was a really long lesson (lol) and I captured a chunk on tape:

oh my goodness, after today – I’m really curious who is going to show up tomorrow for class!

My Singing Monsters: Mammott Marlie

My Singing Monsters recently had a contest that you submitted a video of your impression of a tribal island monster and our little Marlie bear entered with this adorableness:


Welllll, she didn’t win the new iPad they were giving away BUT, she did make it into the mash-up video!

Look for her around the 40 second mark (for about 2 seconds lol)

It’ll be worth it!! Come on come on let’s go!

So cute!

I am still totally in love with this game and if you are too, be sure to hang with me on Kamcord or youtube, or twitter, or facebook, or… My Monsterhead Fam Tribal island!! (there is a waiting list there though!)


School is for Un-learning

Here’s an interesting take on the education system:

We’ve got two official homeschool days under our belt this week!

Now that I’ve been doing this for a few years (Ayden is in 7th!!), I realize that it’s really up to me how crazy I let myself get.

Really, because if you let it, homeschooling can drive you insane lol

This year, I feel more organized and patient than ever and so far, I’m seeing immediate results of that! The kids and I have gotten all the lesson plans completed (that’s amazing) AND, the schoolwork/chore/rewards system is a huge hit!

Yep, I’m bribing them to be cooperative – and it’s working!!

Here’s a few pics from my iPhone this week:

That’s the prize suitcase and the “bucks” I pay them with at the end of the day. They can purchase snacks, stickers, chocolate, toys and cinnamon toothpicks.  There’s some bigger prizes too that they can save up for like a mermaid, generic barbie or a nerf gun.

Elaine Grace being an awesome laundry folder (2 bucks lol)


The kids are even willing to pick up dog poop in the yard (5 bucks)

The day before our lessons, we grabbed a few ant theme books at the Brookville library.

It was chill time…




Until that ridiculous chair tipped over backwards and then it was laugh time 🙂


SuperGirl Marlie Paige also made an appearance!


I’m expecting LOTS of fun this school year!!!

More Chickens Just Because



I got an urge today to call around the tractor supply stores to see if they had any chickens left – 

and one store, did…




3 little Asian Blue chicks added to the family roster!  


For now they are in a tote in the dining room beside the plants started for the garden… And that’s as far as I’ve gotten with the planning on this one. 

Here’s to adventures & fun & impulsive homesteading lol  

Marlie & Elaine’s Cinnamon Chocolate Cake


Today for cooking class, the girls decided they wanted to create their own recipe – and they certainly did!

Introducing Marlie and Elaine’s super sweetheart cinnamon chocolate cake!!

It turned out pretty good! A little dry, but that’s coconut flour for you, so make sure you have a drink with it and be sure to just smother your slice in honey 🙂

Well done girls!

If you would like to print out the recipe – here you go!


I’ve printed this out for the girls to copy into their notebooks.  The best way to learn handwriting is by copying recipes, don’t you think? They copied down the recipe once today but complained multiply times that they could not read my handwriting!  I told them that was a great lesson in the importance of having legible handwriting themselves!

Ha ha – do what I say – not as I do children!!!

Coconut!! And 7 eggs!!! #recipe #sugarfree #gapsdiet #cleaneating

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2 Free Homeschool Websites to Bookmark Now

It doesn’t matter how waldorf I want to be, my kids are digital. So if I can find something that’s available online; and interesting; and free – I’m going to try it out AND it share with you.

I probably should not share the story of how I had to throw a mama tantrum bellowing my face off in annoyance when they didn’t want to switch outta Minecraft land to do our lessons – sooooo, I won’t. Let’s just say that these websites pretty much got approval, once tried, and we’ll be back at them again for sure!

The first and mama favorite is E-Learning for Kids

Really, so cute and well made (some things on the internet are becoming old and outdated), so these were enjoyable lessons!


They offer lessons in science, math, environmental skills, computer, health, language arts, and life skills in grade Kindergarten up to 6th.

The other website, which I would suggest for older students is GCF Learn Free which has lessons in reading, technology, math and everyday life skills.


They are both valuable and different, so bookmark both – or come back to this page here on All Natural Me when you are ready to make those little buggers learn something 🙂

With love of course – WITH LOVE!!

There ya go! Have fun learning lots of new things –

Some that you WANT to and some that are required by the state lol

2 Learn to Read Websites (not Starfall) that Kids LOVE

Not that I have anything against Starfall! But I’m guessing that you are already well aware of it, right?

Okay, now that I’ve cleared my name – here are two really cool websites that I’ve found to be an asset to our homeschool adventure in learning to read. The first one covers the basic letter sounds so well, as in completely and enjoyably – and works in a little art in the intermission (classical music played to famous paintings) of the demos. Then the second one is just plain fun and will be hard to get the kids to stop playing the learning game.

Introducing Reading Bear!


Reading Bear, a project of, is the first free program online to teach beginning readers vocabulary and concepts while systematically introducing all the main phonetic patterns of written English, all using innovative rich media. We spent an enormous amount of time developing 50 presentations, covering even more phonics principles and illustrating over 1,200 vocabulary items. There is nothing else like it, free or otherwise.
How does it work? In each presentation—playable either as a video or as an interactive slide show—we introduce one or a few related “phonics rules.” Presentations are available in seven different versions. In the fullest version, we sound out a word slowly and quickly, then blend it slowly, and finally (after an optional prompt) blend it quickly. As sounds are pronounced, the corresponding letters are highlighted. Then we display a picture illustrating the word, show a sentence (with the individual sounds again highlighted, karaoke style), and finally show a video illustrating the sentence. Presentations give this treatment to around 25 words, though some have more and some have less. The result is a thorough yet painless introduction to phonics principles, while at the same time teaching vocabulary.


Introducing Teach Your Monster to Read


Teach your Monster to Read is a series of games that help children to master the key first stages of reading.

Combining top quality game design with essential learning, the games complement most systematic synthetic phonics programmes.

They have been designed in collaboration with leading academics from Roehampton University.

Well, well-done Roehampton! The girls are obsessed with this game and learning all the way. And I can totally see why, because I’m even hoping that it will be my turn to play soon 🙂 Brilliant!

They are adorable ~ just like you!! #mothering #moment #homeschool #unschool

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Pinterest FAIL Cotton Ball Santa Countdown

So, I’m not going to lie – when I saw the Santa cotton ball beard Christmas countdown on Pinterest – I thought, “OMG so freaking cute, my kids will love this, we are totally doing it, OMG!!”

Okay right, exact thought process! I thought this was a solid for sure successful fun activity to do….

Boy, was I wrong. Halfway into December, Santa should have a half beard but for some reason – all three children have completely rejected this project.

Dingy dirty (didn’t help that they used the most tarnish craft cotton balls we had) sparse and sad looking Santas…





Even after I rescued these from the school room where other crafty inspirations were starting to pile up on top of them – the kids still took no interest. And when the cat knocked them over onto the floor, I saw 2 outta 3 children WALK ON TOP OF ALOPECIA SANTA!!

Mum made an executive decision and tossed these buggers into the trash. Wow. Pinterest Fail. I mean I have A LOT of Pinterest fails under my belt, but this one surprised me…

To try to end on a positive note, the kids are mostly loving the countdown boxes I folded with activities and dumb toys inside. I mean, at least they remember to acknowledge the paper tree daily and open up the boxes to see what’s inside that they are probably not going to do.


Holidays are fun and FUNNY!!!

Thanksgiving Craft Ideas

Do you know what we do the day after Thanksgiving?

More Thanksgiving.

Seriously! All this build up? You have to at least stretch this holiday out for two days!! Those kids need some more quality turkey craft time and not to mention a Thanksgiving theme bingo game! And why not work in some worksheets on adjectives while you’re at it. Or a gratitude inspired project? Sometimes it’s easier to feel more thankful the day after ~

I invite you to visit my Thanksgiving Pinterest board 🙂