It all started with a pack of butt wipes 

Inspiration can come from anywhere!

Awhile back, I was sitting on my throne, and I looked down at the newly label baby wipes from Aldi’s. 

I was kind of pondering why they changed their packaging and I realized that this new look was totally more fresh, and – I started appreciating how well the teal color complimented the limegreen. 

And then I jokingly thought, why don’t I just refresh the bathroom to match the new butt wipes lol 

Haha, yep. I laughed but That’s exactly what I’m doing. 

The walls are already white – so it’s really been a matter of eliminating the red curtains, the red soap dish – red towels and upping the blue and greens. 

I confess, I even swapped out the red bucket that usually lives in here and replaced it with a blue bucket. 

I’m in this bathroom so much – I might as well have an object to appreciate.

Super glad I went with a painting done by a human being other then a print of one. 

Thank you pack of butt wipes for being so inspiring!

Love My Little Helpers

In the spirit of Waldorf-inspired rhythm in the home, I had lots of help washing and rinsing the dishes tonight. I am excited at the thought of some future help in this department!!

Whooo hooo ~ Mama will gladly hand over the scrubbie!!

My little helpers worked hard together as a team and most impressively, only broke one bowl 🙂
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Gratitude Journal 2 March 10

I am Thankful for…

¥ Being able to go inside – having that awareness within.

¥ Crafty compulsions – wanting to make things.

¥ Being okay with not buying into all the earthly bullshit. and being offline more and more.

¥ Loving my children’s fathers and the golden lights we share.

¥ My Mother… who knows how precious life is, how fragile the Earth and how blessed we are to be here.

We are so lucky.

Make the most of your time here.
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Solution for Ants in the Honey

After complaining to my beekeeper about the ants getting into my honey and how I was tired of using a ziploc bag around the bottle, he suggested putting it in a dish of water.

Perfect! A moat for my honey jar and guess what? No ants. And that plastic bag rubber band thing I was doing, doesn’t slow down my tea making now. Love it.
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Harvest Beets and Pickle ’em

Grandma’s Recipe 🙂
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Upon request ~ I called G.G. today and she’s totally cool with me sharing the recipe:

Pickled Eggs

1 cup sugar (scant)
1 cup vinegar
2 cups beet liquid
1 1/2 Tbsp. salt or less
Pinch of cinnamon
Pinch cloves

Bring to a boil – cool – put in eggs and let set for a few days.

Personally, I used a few pinches of the spices because that’s how I like it.