Chickens :: Our Henny Wishlist

Mama needs birds.

The wee ones each picked out a favorite hen with Mama and big brother worked his magic in Paint for a delightful image showing the peep to hen transition.

Which one is your favorite?

The little coop holds up to 4 chickens, and yes you animal rightsy folks, we do plan on giving them more grass space to roam.  Either an extended fence or daily supervised visits to the garden.  We are also looking into chicken shock collars, to help keep them in the yard.

(ha!  that was a joke people!!  shock collars for chickens!  ha!!)


And just to spread the word, we plan on ordering our peeps from Meyer Hatchery, an Ohio woman-owned biz.  Unless of course, I score some local peeps some how and then I’ll save Dreg from the $35 shipping!  Sorry Lovie!  Just think of all the omelets…

Meyer’s website is super informative & we chose the 4 breeds based on looking for hens that were cold tolerant, good egg layers and that were gentle and calm and not so broody. We don’t need any hens that want to fight over the eggs or active, skittish birds trying to bust outta the pen ya know, we need ’em chill, because you can also guess, we are going to want to cuddle.


Now here’s the updated news:  

Not ordering peeps.

Yep after all that researching and deciding, the plans are changing a bit. (imagine that, ME change my mind)

Going to save money, spare the peeps the shipping trauma and GO LOCAL with some pullets!

Pullets are young female hens, while the young roosters are called cockerels… in case you were wondering.

So you know what this means right???

  Mama will have her eggs sooner!!!

And as an added bonus for going local and keeping business in town, the Universe hooked me up with a new mama friend.  The *farmgirl* that I’m getting the hens from is an artsy lady who makes Face Jugs and other cool pottery.  Thanks Yvette for letting us hang in your space, we loved it!!  We’ll be over this week to pick up the girls ~


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  1. No go @ Troutville but she had a great recommendation to check out with their classifieds and bingo!! Plans are changing people, gonna go a lil’ different route now.

    Will add an update in post ~

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