Citrus Dishes

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Don’t you think chores are more lovely when they smell great?

Citrus fruits, cinnamon sticks and slices of ginger root are a few of the things that have made a pit stop in my kitchen sink, before a more permanent resting spot in the compost bin.

Adding natural air fresheners to your hot soapy water (or cloudy, if you use Dr. Bronners) uplifts the scrubbing to a new level of dish blessing.  Yummy Aromatherapy!  And they really are useful as chiseling tools too for stuck on foods.


How do you put enjoyment into your dish doing?

This all natural tip was perfect for us to include with our upcycled Cinderella Recyclopes in our etsy shop, as a reminder to enjoy the work, even if your step-sisters are hags.

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Etsy Eco-Tip:
In the morning, after you fresh squeeze your O.J., toss those citrus babies into your kitchen sink for a delightful aromatic effect on your dish doing. They are also great for scrubbing off last night’s spaghetti plate.

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