Cloth Napkin Giveaway

fantastic-floral4 Hooray! This week we have a giveaway from the All Natural Me Etsy Shop who is gifting two lucky winners with reusable cloth napkins.  The sets are created from salvaged skirts with fabric designs too tacky to wear but perfect for wiping sticky fingers at lunchtime.

Using cloth instead of paper helps save trees, resources and saves you money.

All Natural Me feels like you can never have enough reusable cloths.  Here’s a chance to beef up your stock.

To be entered in this giveaway, comment below and tell Sadie how you decorate your kitchen and dining room – what colors, design or specific theme do you have going on?  She’s looking for some inspiration for her summer sewing adventures stitching up reusable cloth napkins.  Also, if you have a preference between these two freebies, say floral or paisley as your pick.

Thanks for being green!

This giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere, of adult age 18+ and will end on June 14th 11:59 p.m EST and a winner will be announced on Monday June 15. Two lucky persons will be chosen at random. If prize is not claimed within a week, we will draw a second-best winners and notify them by email. We will not share your email with anyone, not even our Mamas. Thank you for your participation. One entry per person. Good Luck!


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Etsy Eco-Tip: Recycle Everything and Help Close the Loop!


And the winners are:  Amanda and Alicia!

Many thanks to ALL you cloth lovers who entered.  We will have to do this again.  Much love!

79 Replies to “Cloth Napkin Giveaway”

  1. Hello! I have the southern theme going on in my whole house. I love the old south theme and I love the flowered napkins above. That color and theme would go perfect with the old south theme for me. I would be grateful to win the napkins to get to use for the holidays when my Mom will be over for Thanksgiving and there will be 10 of us and also for Christmas. Thanks for the chance to win these.

  2. Ohhhh what a great idea! Please don’t enter me in the contest, though. I have a sewing machine and tons of scrap fabric to my disposal. Other deserving peoples here might not.

    My kitchen is a slow work in progress. I’m growing spinach in my windowsill, next to my aloe plant. When it fills in enough, I’ll be able to remove the curtain and appriciate the natural light without loosing privacy. I can’t paint the dark yucky 80’s cupboards cuz it’s a rental, but I’m looking for some kind of lightweight art that wont damage the doors. I was doing rich, dark colors like burgandy and brown. But, now I’m shifting towards the colors of a peacock feather or the typical Alphonse Mucha print… turquoise, lime green, seafoam green, coppery brown. To brighten up my small space. I’m hoping to make things from recycled material to contribute to the theme. The napkin idea is perfect. 🙂 I’d thought of scarves, but napkins! Awesome. Thanks!

  3. I just want to say that I’ve appreciated using cloth napkins all of my life. I even have some of the psychedelic ones that my mother made in the 60’s and 70’s. As far as the theme of decorating my eating space, it’s very tough in the this small apartment to have “themes.” We are a bit bohemian, and we eat at the coffee table in the living room. If I had the space, I would love to have a sit-down dinner with my husband every night. More important than the decor would be a nice sound system to listen to fabulous music while we ate. We like lighter shades of green and sand, creating an airy space. I do see the benefits of warm colors, but I like the clean, openness of lighter shades.

  4. i love the paisley, i did my kitchen and dining room in reds which i love, also roosters a must have for any country decor. hoe about a checkered material for napkins,

  5. We recently painted the kitchen a light blue from a dreary yellow beige. I enjoy growing flowers. I have live plants in my kitchen. Recently I got two passion flower vines. I will re pot and move them outside for the summer- beautiful flowers! I’ve never really had the kitchen decorated with any kind of theme. My kitchen table is really more formal than I like but it was in perfect condition with 6 chairs for only $100. – large enough to have room for making any kind of recipe. I’ve gone from the heavy stoneware dishes to a nice light Corelle mix and match garage sales finds. I chose things for my home that won’t sit and collect dust- functional and enjoyable to look at. I have changed from using paper towels to cotton towels. Outside the kitchen window we keep a variety of bird feeders. We enjoy hummingbirds, grosbeaks, orioles, cardinals, goldfinches, woodpeckers, indigo buntings- so many more. Soon all the flowers in the yard will be blooming too. We listen to soft music and the birds singing. I believe in the pursuit of happiness and enjoy a nice surprise. Your napkins are a wonderful example of reuse. How nice they would look on the table with a dinner served with candle-light. I like the flowers and blue napkins- but have fond memories of a paisley dress.

  6. My Dining Room is very unusual and I get many comments on it-It’s a jungle design with browns,blacks and greens. Guess we eat in the forest,but its very relaxing for us and 5 children.I love the Paisley design.You surely have a great idea with these cloth napkins-it brings back my younger years at my grandmothers.She was so prim and proper,and we always had cloth napkins on our laps.

  7. I love to grab cloth napkins at estate sales and yard sales. You can ususally find plenty of white ones which go with any style. I have my dining/kitchen in lighthouse/nautical theme. I love the beach!

  8. Wow,
    That’s a good idea. Is there a fabric type or size that works best (or not so good)? Is there a pattern or easy way for us who don’t sew to do this? I would love to try this at home. My husband just ruined a linen shirt and I would love to find a new use for it.

  9. Hey there! 🙂

    I love cloth napkins, you can never have enough. Great idea… Hmm. my box of misc. old clothes/scraps of material just got intriguing again…

    Kitchen: Well I painted my kitchen cobalt/sailer blue, with white trim and have some wooden masks on the wall and clear glass items above the cabinets. I love cobalt, white and wood… Saving up for some bamboo/wood blinds

    Dining: it fits into my world-beach theme – eclectic – natural with hints of subtle reds, blues, browns, greens etc. with an old medium dark wood drop leaf table in front of a window, and an oil painting of my grandmothers behind that draws the colors from the multi colored rug and takes you away, and a rustic plant stand with a plant and seaturtle taracotta statue on it. The Paisely would go best with my colors.

    Best of luck with your designing! 🙂

  10. We love our Cats, and Earth Tones, so funny enough, the paint colors we have chosen accent our kitties natural colorings and markings- warm browns, peaches and warm Oak trim to accent these colors….And we also accent with Cat clock and cute cat things on our walls.

    We use non toxic paints, and cleaners in our home too so we consider our home very “natural” and chemical free.

    What better way to celebrate Nature then to include our pets we love so much and remind us of the beauty of God’s Creation in animals!

    If we win we would choose the Floral print please!

  11. Our kitchen is a combination of things. I use unique trivets on the wall, Hooks with flair, (like a cow hook, a frog hook, etc) to hang special potholders on, just a collection of things we have picked up through the years. Most are old-fashioned, but a few are modern. We have switched to Clorox Green Works products around the house, & are very impressed with the results.

  12. Well, I like the retro look for my kitchen — mint green retro clock, red retro-looking toaster… stainless coffemaker, stainless table for the microwave…

    And, I like the paisley!

  13. I used matching Ralph Lauren bed sheets and sewed window curtains and table runner for my kitchen and dining room. It matches the decor in the rest of my home. It’s a blue oriental theme.

  14. Hi

    I just love the paisley print. I did my kitchen in purple, ceilings and walls, with white cabnets. dinning room purple with a glase in a darker purple and plastic scunched it, the ceiling plain purple, it`s a trade ceiling i like it, but was very surprised alot of other people did to. atleast thats what they tell me, maybe they don`t want to her my feelings.

  15. We are currently renting a home, so we do not have control over the design/color scheme of our kitchen and dining room. The dining room is two-tones of yellow, divided by a white chair rail. In the past, we had a dining room that were painted red (deep, not too bright) with a white chair rail and, in another house, the dining room was a light, spring green, also with white molding throughout.

    I love the paisley print napkins! Thanks for the chance to win!

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