Cocoa with Benefits

If you’re only making hot chocolate with milk, cocoa and sugar – you are shorting yourself of an opportunity to turn a valueless drink into a health supplement!

Here’s what I posted on Instagram tonight:


Many thanks to Soulrebel for requesting the recipe!

I don’t have one (lol) but I will do my best to explain my culinary madness ~

First I put a handful of whole dates and prunes into a pot with some water to cover them. I get them simmering and then I let them sit until they are gross looking.

Next I pour the contents of the pot into the Vitamix blender and purée them smooth – like, I blast their asses with high speed blending power till they are juiced!

Pour it back to the pot.

Now if a lot of the prune date mixture sticks to the blender container, you will be able to use your milk in a minute to rinse it out. No wasting here!!

I heat up the mixture, possibly adding a little bit of milk to thin it out, and this is when I add my cocoa powders – I do at least two big spoonfuls of special dark Hershey’s cocoa powder, two of Dutch Cocoa powder and one of carob powder.

I also add a big spoonful of diamotaceous earth (my spelling could be off here) AND about a teaspoon of Astragalus root powder – it is pretty bitter stuff.

Now as a side note – if this were going to be only for me, I would probably add some Maca powder right now too.

Heat this up, whisking happily, because it will help dissolve the cocoa.

Once it’s all incorporated, you may add your milk or any herbal waters that you want. Tonight I went with vitamin D whole milk and about 1/2 cup of roasted dandelion root tea.

I sweetened it with a big blob of crystallized honey from a local source but sometimes I like to use liquid Stevia or even maple syrup.

I added a little bit of vanilla and topped it off with cinnamon too. Nutmeg and cardamom could also be used if you like that kind of a twist. I do!!

Once you get the basic idea that you use your steeped dried fruit as a base, there are so many variations that you could do with sweeteners and herbal powders and spices.

Hell, once I even puréed a leftover yam and snuck it in there beautifully!!

Hope this helps 🙂 and thanks again for requesting the recipe!!! I appreciate any and all motivation that encourages me to post on me blog!

Now go get your yummy healthy hot cocoa with benefits on!!

Remember to taste and tweak as you go & you’ll end up making the very best hot cocoa for you!

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