Coolspring General Store for Sale

Oh my goodness!!

How did I miss this yesterday??


The Coolspring General store is for sale!! Holy, moly. I’m still sort of shocked, I feel like my neat little town – could be changing.

And as always my perspective, i guess it *could* change for the better ~ perhaps some fantastic person will buy it & keep its fabulousness going or even, increase its fun fullness!

But, for the love of goddess, i really hope that whoever takes over, keeps the post office running!!!

Oh man, how convenient and nice it is to be able to walk down the street and mail something!! O please please please please, I want to keep all natural me PO Box 4, coolspring PA 15730

Oh. Ugh. Huh? Ahhh – oh, wow!!

I got it!

Maybe I should buy it?!! Ha! Yes!! Of course! It’s only 45 grand – Let me just put my request into the universe…

Hey Dreg!?!?!?!!


It even has an apartment up top! Aka, second floor down the street man cave!! *wink wink*

Sigh, well, it was a good try. If you happen to know anyone interested in Coolspring commercial property, please pass this along!!

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