Crafty Moment ~ Felted Woolens


So because of some severe clogging that almost destroyed the washing machine, Dreg says no more felting wool sweaters for Sadie Marie ūüôĀ

Gosh darn it too because I LOVE this stuff!

Several goddess bags have been awaiting stitches while I piece together my newest woolen interest with all the leftover scraps…

Which reminds me Рany fellow sweater-felter friends have some scrappies to throw my way??  I am gathering fibers to create a super awesome blanket quilt manifestation of great love throw afgan-type of thing.

Isn’t it great when a project gets stuck in your head??

Mmmmm… wishing you lots of crafty bliss!!

And here’s a link for those NOT wanting to ruin (aka felt) their sweaters:

Check out the video How To Wash Your Cashmere and Wool! on


2 Replies to “Crafty Moment ~ Felted Woolens”

  1. Do you think it would work as well to put the item being felted inside a zippered pillow case? That would keep all the fuzz inside but I’m not sure if the proper amount of friction would reach the item to create an even felt. Maybe if you checked it often to be sure it didn’t fold up or felt a permanent crease, you could make it work.

  2. Yeah ~ Pillow cases do help with the felt fuzz. I’ve thrown a golf ball in with the sweater for friction. I guess I must’ve been a little inconsistent with my pillow case usage, whoops.

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