Crafty Moment ~ Quilted Baby Blanket

This afternoon, I sat down at my machine – I knew I wanted to sew, but what? So ~ without a direction, I started piecing some flannel scraps together. Just putting together ones that looked pretty (pronounced purty!)

As it grew, I wondered what could be done with it (too fuzzy for a table runner, too big for a pee pee cloth, too small for a bed spread).

I kept sewing, noting how the colors complimented & how soft the flannel. And then I saw it – a baby blanket!

When the top was finished, I found some synthetic wool fabric for the batting & some soft fleece for the backing. Sew. Sew. See Sadie Sew.






Top stitching the quilt took FOREVER!!! Holy crap. I am beat – but I wanted to show ‘n tell ASAP 😉

If it wasn’t midnight, I’d be walking across the street delivering this baby to the new baby in town! So excited to have made this!!


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