Crazy Killer Antibacterial Salve


Also known as “Staph-ass Salve”

ha ha !! it’s late – and i have healing ideas to share with you!

This salve is definitely intense – Calendula oil, beeswax, cumin seed, cinnamon bark, eucalyptus, rosewood, oil of oregano, lemon grass, peppermint, thyme & love.

These oils were chosen for their antibacterial attributes to deal with skin ailments & infections.

I forgot to add a bit of vitamin e for extra healing & preservative properties but it’s okay, because I probably added some to the calendula oil when I infused that at harvest time ~

Anyways… it’s kinda fun to branch off and use oils that I don’t traditionally use. My running out of Lavender & Tea Tree staples forced me to research a bit and come up with the crazy killer arsenal. I am certainly happy knowing I have good ammo on hand! I am also enjoying the warming effect given from these oils ~ spicy!!

Stay cozy & well!!
Sadie @allnaturalme

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