d.i.y.friday ~ Capsule Your Own Herbal Powders

Making herbal capsules yourself can be fun & necessary if you are wanting a unique blend of herbs just for you! It’s also a frugal thing to buy bulk herbs & save $$!!

There’s two ways to capsule herbs – by hand or invest in a capsule machine (what I need to do!)

Here’s our home video of the first time we capsuled herbs by hand. SO Sorry for the crooked video-taping!! I seem to regularly forget the correct way to hold the phone when making a video (the comfy way is the wrong way, I guess)

And now, about that capsule machine…

AND, because I always stumble upon something extra that strikes me as fabulous – what about not even using capsules at all and instead, making pills?? Yes! Loving this idea too!!

Okay – that was pretty fun! ¬†Any ideas on what herbal blend you’d like to make for yourself?

When shopping for bulk herbs, please visit my 3 favorite places:

Bulk Herb Store
Mountain Rose Herbs
and Amazon

2 Replies to “d.i.y.friday ~ Capsule Your Own Herbal Powders”

  1. Thanks for the informative videos. I have made my own capsules before, but that lil cap-making machine looks neat…I might have to get one of those. Sadie, you sound like a great mom…and your kids are adorable. I bet they really enjoy these lil herbal adventures.

    1. Mindi – thank you so much!! I do love my little bears ūüôā

      Even with me breaking child labor laws – the capsuling went so slow… seriously wanting the capsule machine now!

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