d.i.y.friday ~ Cure Cancer


Hooray! It’s Friday! Let’s cure any cancer cells that you may have manifested in your body!! Why the hell not – you do everything else for yourself, so it makes sense to include healing in that list. Don’t worry, there will be lots of mixing, making & measuring to keep your crafty DIY Heart HAPPY!!

Here are just a few videos I came across that may pertain to you or somebody you can pass them along to. Even for the healthy folks, I like the idea of making a little baking soda / molasses mixture every day.

And here’s a video that touches upon the idea of using black salve & hemp oil – yep, oil from cannabis seeds – You’re right, that’s WEED!!

And as always, Nerds – here ya go:

So what did you take away from those? Take your minerals, vitamin C & E are super heroes, alkalize your mother ef’n body, figure out a way to get some hemp oil, down some baking soda & molasses every day, breath deeply and be responsible for your body with a d.i.y. health plan –

Wow, yes!! You are awesome. Create the healthy life that you want – put on your happy face and get excited about feeling good! Your body was designed to heal – Now just let it.

And go eat some sea salt for crying out loud!!

Recipe for Black Salve

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  1. It’s not a cheap solution, but the Japanese have a great way of getting your body alkaline with a Kangen water machine by Enagic. It brings your body back to Homeostasis by drenching your cells in high quality, Alkaline, Ionized, Microclustered and antioxidant water…right from your own tap!!! visit http://www.enagic.com/watertheory or my site http://www.abidingwaters.com for more information. Our American culture and system is trying to hide ways to let our bodies heal themselves (which is what they were created to do!)

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