d.i.y.friday ~ Face Lifting Exercises You can do at Home


For DIY Friday today – let’s get physically crafty and make our face lift, tone and tighten.

If you’ve been exercising your booty but not your face, it’s time.  Your face has muscles all over it and they are just waiting to be woken up with exercise!  No joke, you will FEEL it and SEE results.  And then when you get lazy and stop doing these simple exercises – you’ll unfortunately notice that difference too lol

So can’t stop, won’t stop, here we go!!

In addition to doing Facercise and Face Yoga, I found this really fun video with a few new moves:

Fun and EASY right??

Bwahahahaha, and because laughing surely has to be the aerobic workout for your face….


You’re welcome!

And if you feel like over-achieving, here ya go!


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