d.i.y.friday ~ Himalayan Salt Solé

I put that little slash thingy over the E so I’d remember it is NOT pronounced like the sole of a shoe but ends in a long A sound….

Humor for anyone who understands how my brain works (or doesn’t work) 🙂

Well – it’s Friday! Make something!!


About a week ago, my friend Mable Duke tweeted me a picture of Himalayan salt in a jar – Salt Sole!


So gorgeous – so pretty!!

What is it? It’s basically water, fully saturated with salt – used as a supplement to nourish the body with essential minerals.

Here’s a Sole Recipe from himalayancrystalsalt.com

All you do it take a teaspoon of the salt sole every morning in a glass of water.

Let Karen Atkins share the Benefits of Using Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole (a Salt water brine) for detoxification, disease prevention, healthy skin, healthy digestion and overall well-being in this video below. She wil also demonstrate how to make sole using Himalyan Pink salt.

Pretty easy and it make sense to me why we need to do this!

I’ve really enjoyed starting my morning out with the Salt Sole this week!

Thanks Mable!!

Interested in reading more about the applications of this magic unicorn kissed mountain salt brine??

(no false claims here lol)

Visit these two pages to learn how to use it in an inhalation steam, neti pot, on blisters, as a mouthwash, foot soak and more!



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