d.i.y.friday ~ How to Knit a Simple Turtleneck Sweater Vest

This week on my instagram page,
I unleashed the show ‘n tell pics
of the knitted sweater vests
I made for the little bears!

Yes. They were completely thrilled
to receive these handmade lovlies.

And now you can make your family
as HAPPY as I made mine!!

First thing first,
You need to know how to knit.

Here’s a great tutorial
to get you started!!

Wow! She really makes it simple huh?

Great! So now you know how to knit!! Cool!!

Now I am going to send you away for the pattern
because it is not my own but –

it’s so easy.

For all three sections
(front, back and neck)
You just cast on 47 stitches
and then knit to the length that suits you.

When you’ve got your 3 sections finished,
Sew them together with your yarn.
Great tutorials how to do that
over at Wool and the Gang!!

I used Hometown Bulky yarn
Size 10 needles

To make this vest smaller,
You can cast on less for smaller sized front & backs
but still keep the neck at 47 stitches
So you can get it over their heads.

Learned this the hard way!!!

Click the picture below for the pattern:

Although, lol, maybe I should mention
it’s not in English!

Don’t let that stop you!!

Just copy and paste
Translate Tool


Happy Knitting!!!

Much love,  Sadie


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