d.i.y.friday ~ How to Remove Iron Buildup from Your Hair


I absolutely love afternoons spent chit-chatting with a group of mama friends and today, we got talking about having iron in our water supply and the effects it’s having on the appliances, our pets, how it stains the toilet bowl, and just whether or not we should be drinking it at all.  Then, we ultimately touched on the most important topic – OUR HAIR.

And tonight, I was thinking back a decade ago, about a product we sold in the salon that removed build-up, and it dawned on me that THIS could be today’s DIY Friday using natural ingredients! (since it’s personally current and since I didn’t have anything else lined up to blog about lol)

Yeehaw!  So… Look what I found on good ol’ youtube!

A do-it-yourself
using either
lemon juice or
baking soda.

You’re welcome!

You need some motivation to take five minutes to pamper your hair?
Well then, take a look at this –

Don’t be scared, but –
if the iron in the water is doing THAT to the dishwasher…
It has to be doing something to your hair!

Spray on some baking soda or lemon juice & descale your hair!

Again, you’re welcome 😉


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