d.i.y.friday ~ Make 3 Holiday Stove Simmering Scents


If your house isn’t feeling festive enough, or smells like Santa is exuding some serious stress sweat trying to jump threw all of society’s ridiculous expectations of what a joyous holiday should be… Try a quick and easy, AND NATURAL, stove top simmer to freshen up the holiday air!

Grab the orange peels from breakfast, the apple the kids didn’t finish, the cranberries in the freezer from thanksgiving, cinnamon sticks, clove & vanilla (use the real shit already, not artificial) and let’s get yo ho ho ho simmer on!!!

Don’t you just love how these can me made up in advance?! And if you forget you put them in the freezer, they’ll still be good to use on Valentine’s day!! (more stress sweat)

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